Imam Khomeini’s Last Will and Testament

In the Name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate
The Prophet (S.A.W) said: “I leave two great and precious things among you: the Book of God and My Houshold. Verily, these two will never be separated from each other until they encounter me at the pool of Kawthar [in paradise].”- The tradition of Thaqalayn 1
And, I feel it appropriate to remind you briefly of “The two trusts” (thaqalyn).

[My approach] is not to talk of their transcendental, spiritual and mystical aspects where pens such as mine would be incapable of daring to venture into a domain whose cognition for all circles of beings,-from this world to the heavens and from there up to His Divine presence including circles which lie beyond the intellectual capacity of you and me- if not impossible, requires great efforts and demands perseverance.
Neither am I dealing with what has befallen upon humanity from its negligence and abandonment of true nature and stature of the greatest trust [the Holy Qur’an] and the greater trust [the Household of the Prophet], the latter being greatest of all entity but the greatest trust which is the absolute greatest (akbar al- motloq). Nor do I recount here what has befallen “the two trusts” from the enemies of God and the tricky oppressors (taqutiyan), who are too many for me to enumerate, given my limited knowledge and lack of time. I found it suitable to mention briefly what has happened to “these two trusts.”
Perhaps by the sentence “these two will never be separated from each other until they encounter me at the pool [of Kawthar],”2 it is alluded that after the departure of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) whatever has befallen one of the trusts, has equally be¬ fallen the other and neglect of one means neglect of the other until such time when these two [trusts] encounter the Messenger of God (S.A.W.) in the pool of Kawthar.
Whether “the pool” refers to the stage of submergence of parts (Kethrat) in the whole (Vahdat) or the absorption of drops into the ocean or something else, lies beyond the domain of man’s intellect and cognition. One should add that the same injustice of the oppressors towards these two trusts of God’s Messenger have been inflicted on the Muslim community (Ummate Eslami)-and upon humanity for that matter- which the pen is incapable of description.
It should be noted that the tradition of Thaqalyn has been reported from the Prophet (S.A.W) successively and by many sides (mutawatir) among all Muslims and in the books of the Sunnis, including the Six Reliable Collections3, using various phraseology and on different occasions. This noble tradition is an unequivocal evident (hojjate qate’) for humanity as a whole, particularly Muslims of all schools (madhab) of thought. All Muslims for whom this evident apply are accountable and if there be an excuse for the ignorant people, there will be none for the scholars (ulama).
Now, let us review what has befallen the Book of God, this Divine gift, and the bequest of the Messenger of Islam (S.A.W). The sorrowful events, for which one should cry one’s eyes out, began following the martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S.). Selfish people and oppressors exploited the Holy Qur’an as a tool at the service of governments who opposed the Holy Qur’an, under various pretexts and with premeditated plots forced the true interpreters of the Qur’an and the learned and discerning people who had learned the entirety of the Qur’an from the Prophet (S.A.W.) and in whose ears the Prophetic saying “I leave two great and precious things among you” reverberated.
In fact, by misusing the Qur’an, which has brought the greatest material and spiritual guidance for humanity until the day it encounters the prophet in the pool, they disposed of the Qur’an. They declared the Divinely Righteous Rule, one of the ideals of the Holy Book, null and introduced deviation from the religion of God and the Divine Book and Tradition so much that it makes it hard to describe without embarrassment.
The more this deviant institutions endured, the greater become the deviations and distortions to the point that the Holy Qur’an-the book which was descended as the complete and the seal of revelations to Prophet Muhammad in order to enhance the people of the world, to become the source of uniting Muslims and even human race, to elevate humanity to the desired status and save this offspring of God (valideye ‘elm-ul-asma’) from the evils of satans and the oppressors, to establish justice(‘adl) and equity (qest), and to entrust governance to men of God, the infallibles (A.S.) from the first to the last, so that they would entrust it to whomever served the interest of humanity- was removed from the scene to the extent that it seems it never had any role to play in guiding [humanity].
[The distortions] reached the state that the Qur’an was misused by tyrannical governments (hukumathaye ja’er) and by the more wicked preachers (akhund) than the oppressors in order to establish injustice and corruption and for legitimization of [the rule of] oppressors and enemies of the Almighty God. Unfortunately, for the conspiratorial enemies and for the ignorant friends, the Qur’an, this determinant (sarneveshtsaz) book, has no role other than recitation in the graveyards and funeral ceremonies.
The book which was to be the source of Muslim unity and that of humanity and to be a living source in their lives has become the source of disunity and discord or has been eliminated from the scene altogether, to the point that if one initiated to discuss Islamic government or to speak of politics (i.e. of the great and noble Islam, the Prophet’s (S.A.W) [career] and [the contents of] the Qur’an and the traditions). It deemed as committing the gravest sin and the phrase “political preacher” (akhunde siyasi) was used for him to mean irreligious person and so is the case [even] today.
And more recently in order to eliminate the Qur’an and to secure the interests of the superpowers, the big satanic power. Through deviant governments of Islamic precepts, who falsely claim commitment to Islam, published the Qur’an with artful calligraphy and has distributed it throughout; it is to withdraw the Qur’an from the scene by this device. We all witnessed how the Qur’an printed by Muhammad Reza Pahlavi deceived some people and even some preachers, ignorant of the essence of Islam, praised him for it.
We also see how, every year, king Fahd allocates large sums from the public wealth in order to publish [this kind of]Qur’an and to propagate anti-Qur’anic religion of Wahhabism -this utterly unfounded and superstitious cult- thereby attracting ignorant people and nations towards the superpowers and take advantage of noble Islam and the Holy Qur’an.
We take pride and our noble and thoroughly committed nation is proud in being the followers of a school of thought which intend to dig out the Qur’anic truths -which commit themselves thoroughly to the unity of Muslims and even humanity- from the graveyards and utilize it as the greatest prescription for the disentanglement of man from all shackles on his limbs and on his mind and souls which are leading him towards destruction, slavery and servitude to the oppressors.
We are proud to be the followers of a faith that has been established by the Messenger of God based on His Decrees, and that the commander of the faithfuls, Ali b. Abu Talib, this emancipated slave from all entanglements, has been commissioned to free man from all shackles of slavery.
We take pride that Nahjul-Balagha, which is the greatest manual of spiritual and material life after the Holy Qur’an, is the greatest book of man’s liberation and its spiritual and governmental dictums offer the greatest path to salvation, belongs to our infallible Imam.

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