Essential points regarding the remedy for current afflictions of the world of Islam

Muslim unity is the primary issue. Followers of all Islamic denominations including Shia and Sunni Islam and the different denominations that have branched off from Shia and Sunni Islam should pay serious attention to the issue of Muslim unity. Today Muslims should take Islamic unity seriously and the meaning of Islamic unity is clear.

The purpose is not to melt all Islamic denominations into one single denomination. There are certain people who reject different Islamic denominations in order to achieve Muslim unity. Rejecting Islamic denominations will not solve any of the problems. Trying to prove different Islamic denominations will not solve any of the problems either. Followers of each of the existing denominations should continue doing what they have been doing so far, but they should also try to develop good relationships with followers of other Islamic denominations.
I can clearly see the plotting hands that are making dangerous efforts to foment discord among Muslims and Islamic denominations. They have been especially active in the recent years namely, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. However, their efforts were neutralized by the decisive revolutionary movement and by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). History shows that the enemies have always been opposed to Muslim unity. However, now that the flag of Islam has been raised in this part of the world in a triumphant and glorious way, they are more terrified of Islamic unity.
My dear ones, the enemies of Islam have been forced to think carefully because of the presence of the Islamic Republic in this vast world, because of the presence of this powerful and independent government, because of the presence of this courageous, proud, active, competent and faithful nation, because of the presence of our great country, because of the presence of our Revolution, which has succeeded in preserving our national unity and has proven its success in many arenas so far during the Revolution, throughout the imposed war when a foreign enemy had invaded our country and during the era of reconstructing the country. They are terrified because they see that our Revolution has great appeal.
Wherever in the world a Muslim raises his head and sees the flag we have raised, he feels excited and Islamic feelings are revived in him. Notice how much Islamic feelings, Islamic excitement and Islamic movements have increased in the world ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Notice how much the success of Muslim groups have increased in Islamic regions, from North Africa and Algeria, to our country and to the east of the world of Islam. This is because of the flag that has been raised. The sense of independence and Islamic identity was revived in Islamic communities and the enemies of Islam and Muslims were terrified. Those who had made efforts for decades to make Muslims weak and hopeless and to take away the identity of Muslims, suddenly realized that all their plans had been foiled.
The movement of this Islamic government gave Muslims a sense of dignity. The enemies decided to use different methods to isolate the Islamic government of Iran among Muslim countries throughout the world. They are still continuing their efforts. One of the methods that they use is highlighting sectarian differences. They try to provoke conflicts between Shia and Sunni. They try to highlight and magnify sectarian differences between Iran and other Muslim countries. They tell other Muslim countries that Iran is a Shia country and that its activities are not related to them.
This is while we have raised the flag of Islamic rule and the Holy Quran and we are supporting Prophet Muhammad (S). And this is something that all Muslims love. Another method that they use is that they level allegations of terrorist activities and other such things against the Islamic Republic in order to undermine the popularity of our great nation and our government, which is based on spirituality, ethics and values.
They level many allegations of terrorist activities, violations of human rights and other such things, and this is because they want to prove their allegations while they themselves know that they are lying. Their purpose is to develop a gap between people of world and the Islamic Republic. Their purpose is to create a split. Their purpose is to prevent this noble base of Islam and the Holy Quran from attracting Muslims throughout the world. Of course, Allah the Exalted will counter their schemes.
“Surely they will scheme.” 1
“And they (the disbelievers) planned and Allah planned (against them), and Allah is the best of planners.” 2
Over these years, Allah the Exalted has foiled all their plots. However, the enemies continue creating problems and obstacles for us. In certain cases, they have even been disgraced, yet they do not stop their efforts. This is where the issue of Islamic unity and harmony becomes significant. Notice how important this issue is. Notice how important this issue is for the future of the world of Islam. It is not something that we can treat lightly.
I am addressing this point to everybody including, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, writers, poets, those who work for the printed press and those who can speak to the people because of the position they enjoy. Everybody should understand this truth and try to identify the enemies. Take care not to let the enemies infiltrate your camp and pass themselves off as your friends. Take care not to attack your friends instead of the enemies. Try to remain up-to-date, distinguish friends from enemies and inspect the battleground. These things are very important.
I am addressing this point to everybody, both Shia and Sunni, both Iranians and non-Iranians. Fortunately, we do not have any problems with our Sunni brothers in Iran. We have always lived together in peace and friendship over the past seventeen, eighteen years, and we are thankful to Allah the Exalted for this. In the regions which are mostly populated by Sunni Muslims, our Sunni brothers helped the Islamic Republic more than others. The issue is one that concerns the world of Islam. The issue is one that concerns the future of Islam.
The Necessity of using all Muslim assets in order to succeed
My dear ones, today different governments, countries and international groups and communities use all their assets their geographical, historical and ethnic advantages to succeed in the battlefield of life. Why do Muslims fail to use this asset that Allah the Exalted has bestowed on them? Today the regions which are populated by Muslims are the most important regions in the world. Muslim countries are among the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of natural resources.
Today the gateway of Asia to Europe, the gateway of Europe to Asia and Africa, and the gateway of Africa to Europe and Asia belong to Muslims. These strategic regions and the fertile lands that belong to Muslims contain oil and gas reserves and other resources which are needed to maintain human civilization.
There are one billion and several hundred million Muslims in the world, more than one fifth of the world population. All these people live in strategic regions and the flag of Islam has been raised at the heart of these Islamic territories, namely in Islamic Iran which is currently the heart of the world of Islam. Why would Muslims not use this advantage? This is an outstanding advantage that belongs to Muslims.

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