Women or Half of the Body of Society

The Solution to Social Problems
The greatest difficulty that one encounters while solving social problems is that one is bound to be influenced by factors like local customs, traditions, habits, emotions, blind imitation and so on. Subsequently, one is very likely to deviate from the path of truth, and fail to distinguish between right and wrong.
In problems pertaining to logic and science however, this difficulty does not arise. In science, one first gathers primary premises and through logical inferences, one can arrive at a correct conclusion. In other words, in case differences or misunderstandings do crop up in scientific or philosophical issues, these can be usually attributed to a lack of adequate means and equipment or an absence of logical inferences.
Social problems, on the other hand, concern the benefits and losses, ideals and desires of the various classes in society, and here, most differences and disputes emerge as a result of rights and duties coming very often into conflict, and the reason why some individuals adhere to certain theories, opposing the views of others is because they do not base their motives which are other than truth¬ seeking, social justice and assuring an orderly functioning of society, on reason.

It is here that often oratory, poetry, and misleading propaganda replace rational thinking. The result is that instead of seeking the help of experts, impartial scientists and scholars and initiating conferences to be attended by leading scholars, unbiased discussions and investigations, resort is often made to hooting, brawls and rows and efforts are directed at misleading and inciting the fickle-minded.
Following this, things are likely to get worse. The enlightened, the genii and pride of humanity, may be forbidden from guiding the people and freedom of expression and of the pen may severely be repressed. The lewd tongues and hireling poisonous pens would not only come to dominate, but would be further encouraged in their selfish endeavours. With such a corrupt order prevailing, one can easily imagine what society’s destiny would be.
Thus, one basic condition for making well-grounded judgements in such issues, will be to analyze them from an objective angle which seeks only the truths devoid of all emotions, the thick veils of passion or all influence that habits or customs may exercise. In this way only, can one arrive at truth and proper judgements be made.
Moreover, while objectively investigating such issues and for an under¬ standing true to the facts, one must bear in mind the various dimensions which govern mans’ life, his social interactions and the law of causality. So, before a categorical conclusion, the weak and strong points of the material, spiritual, individual and social aspects must be weighed carefully. So also, on finding that some factors contravene others, the more important ones should be given priority.
Unfortunately, in the analysis of these issues, there usually is a strong subjective inclination. Consequently, rational and peaceful ways give place to colonialistic and violent ones.
Blind imitation is one factor which has exerted a negative influence upon the solving of social problems. Indeed, too many rights are being trampled and a high degree of deviation can be witnessed as a result of blind, ignorant imitation of the ancestors and aliens’ cultures, crippling many societies which come to find themselves in a sad state of helpless strangulation.
So, as said before, for a rational, logical study of these issues and opinions true to scale, one must beware the negative influence that such factors may exercise. One should further have an objective mind, free from all subjection, whether by westerners or easterners, and a pure insight free from all passion or selfish motive
The Logic of Human Nature
The woman’s rights issue, lately, has come to shed a lot of ink in our country. This was followed by events of which all of us are more or less aware. However, here is not the place to discuss them. For a well-founded study of the woman’s rights, (note that she forms half of the world’s population), we should consider her position in nature and society and find out what are he privileges and values granted her in nature or in religious terms, by Divine Power and Wisdom.
The Holy Quran-the last, perfect Divine Book and man’s eternal guide, leading him towards prosperity and salvation both in this world and the hereafter, tells us that social laws must be framed in accordance with human nature:
..The nature made by Allah in which He has made men; there is no altering of Allah 15 creation, that is the right religion, but most people do not know. (30:30)
The logic of the Quran is unique and no scholar or scientist till now has been capable of such logic, no matter how much we study them. We challenge all those claiming to have found a better logic, to prove the contrary. Indeed, is there any logic as good and decisive? This question will be clearly answered once it is explained why human nature should be the basis of all laws and regulations.
It is a commonly accepted fact, both by past and present philosophers, that every living being is endowed with a mechanism through which its survival becomes possible. Experimentation and the subsequent results have proved this beyond all doubt. Obviously there is little need for proofs or advanced technical reasoning and a brief study of the life of living beings, plants or animals will easily point to this fact.
For instance, it is common knowledge that a living being needs food for its survival. However, every living being or species needs different kinds of food according to its bodily needs. Moreover, nature has equipped each living being with a certain digestive mechanism which speaks for itself, for the purpose it has been created and the food that suits it.
A study of the digestive system of the herbivorous and carnivorous animals and the existing differences between their teeth, stomachs, bowels and so on, can be a true testimony and a decisive evidence to prove our point. Hence, a scientist, instructing how animals should be fed, must take into account the difference in the digestive mechanism of these animals and upon which, he should subsequently base his instructions.
Of course, since animals act through instinct, and not reason, they do not need to be instructed as far as their nourishment goes, though animal husbandmen may need instruction in feeding and breeding the animals.
Again, so as to obtain an optimum use from a living being’s potentials, one should study its natural mechanism to better understand its potentials, its strength, its limitations and the way it functions. So, the best way to determine the duties or rights of a human being will be to study its natural potentials and qualities. No measure is in fact better than human nature.

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