How we can form a great and powerful unit from the small units?

The most critical issue in the social life is that how we can form a great and powerful unit from the small units.
Man’s society has been in the form of various small and great units from the beginning days.
Following affairs have caused this variety and scattering.
1- Race
First of all, development of family and branching of different families from one family has been the origin of formation of a race, tribe and consequently a social unit, and in fact the first social colour of man is the same colour of race and tribe, and at present too, in the retarded societies, the issue of tribe and race forms the foundation of society, and in some cases, it is so strict that mixing of bloods of two tribes is strictly forbidden.
2- Geographical area
Different tribes, which were separated by race and blood, were gradually mingled, and formed the greater social units, being separated by various geographical areas.
At the beginning, geographical borders had a natural aspect, for example, a valley or big river and or high mountains were sufficient for separating two nations. However, it found an arbitrary aspect, and the natural borders were somehow invalidated by different contracts.

Although, still in most parts of world, natural borders form the geographical borders, for instance, the separation of Britain from France, and China from Japan, and such like are all caused by natural borders, but surely, the border of all countries are not determined by natural borders.
3- Ideology
Finally, formation of social units was based on belief, mentality, and ideology in the more perfect societies. Man understood soon that the issue of race and tribe could not separate the individuals. It is true that consanguine individuals have more common features in the physical and spiritual aspects, but this is never so critical to avoid their coexistence.
And it is easily perceived that difference of geographical areas, either natural or arbitrary, cannot cause separation, especially when the issue of geographical distance was totally solved through the facility of communication and transportation means, and all parts became close to each other.
So, little by little the social units changed into belief and ideological units, and mental borders replaced previous ones.
Division of world’s countries into two communist and capitalist blocks is one of the manifest samples of this sort of classification.
Although, at the beginning it was supposed this classification is an eternal and everlasting one, and the non-possibility of reconciliation between these two doctrines was introduced definite and inevitable, but it was gradually found that the artificial aspect of this division and separation is much more than its real aspect, because there are thousands of common aspects among different classes as compared with aspects of mental and belief disagreement, the source of which is man’s unity and unity of structure of his spirit and body resulting in sharing of different objectives.
So, different regimes and ideologies supported the murmur of coexistence among social units, and step by step, it was changed from speech to action.
Although, the friction between the profits of nations and insufficient intellectual development for coordinating these interests still prevents these scattered units to be mingled and united, and form a great unit based on unity of mankind, however, it is proved that none of the previous disunity and scattering factors is a real and inevitable one. This perception makes the way more clear and paves it for the future.
And thus, it is proved that all of human societies can be combined in one unit.
The most powerful social relation
Formation of a great social unit, particularly in the global and international scale, primarily requires following affairs:
1- Facility of communication means
This issue is considerably solved today, and surely it will become better and superior in the future through development in different equipment.
2- Unity of ideology
Although, as we told, it is possible to create a unique society without mental unity based on the “unity of vital interests” and “human common aspects”, but there is no doubt that collaboration among different classes and wings of such society will be weak, cold, unstable and mixed with fear, terror and hesitance. And in such conditions, naturally cooperation is limited and precautionary, and such collaboration cannot create a fully organized, alive and happy society.
However, if a rooted mental unity relates the society’s individuals to each other, and joins their hearts through strong connections, a very united society along with an extensive and overall cooperation, with full and everlasting understanding and collaboration will be formed.
3- Perfect mental and moral development
For establishment of such society, a sufficient mental development is required for understanding the interests of merger of all human societies in such a great unit in a wide insight, and also sufficient moral development is required for tolerance and digestion of inevitable disagreement points for agreement in common points, and adapting oneself with it.
Of course, the former, that is, believing that cooperation of all men is profitable for all is not so difficult, but the latter that is digestion of disagreement points is not very easy and facile.
It should be explained that understanding that if all human units are gathered in the society, their problems will be less and their solution are easier, is not difficult.
In case of scattering and dispersion, a major part of their most active human and economical powers is wasted. It often happens that the amount of wasted powers is even more than half of the total of their powers and facilities.
For example, the present world in which there is an intensive competition among the East and the West, perhaps more than half of their active human powers are consumed as follows:
Army members, reserve members, informative and intelligence services and their affiliated systems, margraves, customs, challenge with smuggle, scientists and workers who work in the war industries and their affiliated branches. Evidently, if there is not an exigency, such consumption is vain and has no positive social efficiency.
Nowadays, half of budgets are spent for such defensive, war and intelligence costs and other competitions.
Yet, this is when a war does not occur in the world. Otherwise, the costs spent for compensation of destructive actions in small scales (local wars) and great scales (world wars) are really amazing.

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