only way forward for Syria

The only way forward for Syria; Military liberation

According to Mouood, quoting by FarsNews:

The only way forward for Syria; Military liberation

The Syrian army has no choice but to restore its territorial integrity by conducting liberating operations and establishing a complete establishment in all its lands.

The date of the note is August 5, 2022

Fars news; Note – Saadullah Zarei: The military and political policies of the United States and Turkey are the security and political crisis continuation in Syria. These two countries, with apparently different policies, are working together against the stability and security of Syria.

only way forward for Syria

The reason is that Turkey’s regional and American foreign policies meet in the issue of the Resistance Axis. But in the meantime, the United States openly talks about the need to confront the Axis of Resistance and acts accordingly. But Turkey does not reveal its opposition to the axis of resistance but works against it. In this regard:

1- Turkey claims to have entered military operations to stop the threats of Syrian Kurds against Turkish territory. The basis of Ankara’s justification for its military actions against Syria is the above explanation. It has intentionally or unintentionally led to the strengthening of some terrorist groups. On October 17, 2018, Turkey launched a large combined operation called Peace Fountain.

This operation, which lasted for nearly two weeks, resulted in the death of more than 400 people from both sides, mostly the Syrian Kurds. After achieving its goals, Turkey announced a ceasefire in a joint statement with the United States. They continuously and unilaterally violated it. The Turkish troops announced a heavy operation up to 30 kilometers deep in Syria that has not been implemented yet.

Ankara and Damascus signed an agreement during Hafez Assad’s rule to prevent Syrian Kurds from entering Turkey. In this agreement, the Syrian government pledged to stop the Kurds of this country from entering the territory of Turkey and their cooperation with the Turkish Kurdish organization, the P.K.K., against this country. According to this agreement, the Kurds will not be present up to three kilometers from the border with Turkey.

Syria has always adhered to this agreement. With the collapse of its security situation, Ankara, under the pretext of the involvement of the Syrian government and calling it incapable of controlling the Kurds, entered the territory of this country. It occupied some areas, including 4,820 square kilometers bearing 600 towns and villages, including Ras al-Ain, Tal Abayd, Al-Manajir, Suluk, and Mebaruka.

What Turkey has done and will continue against Syrian territory has no sensible connection with the performance of Syrian Kurds. This behavior does not fit into the framework of retaliatory actions; because the Syrian Kurds have not harmed Turkey in the last two decades, it is not in the pre-emptive measures framework. There are no signs of Syrian Kurds trying to enter Turkish territory and colluding with the P.K.K against Ankara. If Turkey is worried about the Kurds’ insecure actions against its lands, The Turks shouldn’t provoke them to turn to more weapons. The way is to raise your security concerns with the Damascus government.

Assuming that Turkey’s concern about the Syrian Kurds is justified, the Syrian army and government can manage and control them. In addition, the two allies of the Syrian government, namely Iran and Russia, can provide practical support for the guarantees of Bashar al-Assad’s government in this regard. There is no doubt that Damascus, Tehran, and Moscow are opposed to any destabilizing action against Turkey and can put this opposition together.

2- Since 2013, right after defeating Takfiri terrorism in Syria began with the operations of Lebanon’s Hezbollah in Al-Qasir and Yaborud, the American army entered parts of this country’s territory in the provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa, Hasakah, and Deir Ez-Zor. The Americans’ excuse was to participate in anti-terrorist operations in Syria. But a review of the United States’ military performance in Syria shows that the Pentagon was worried about Syria’s complete victory over the terrorists and entered this country for that.

The analysis of the United States Ministry of Defense has stated that the decisive victory of the resistance front in Syria endangers the position of the United States and its regional agents, including the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia. After the Resistance victory, America entered Syria to create a complete buffer line between the regional Resistance and the Zionist regime. It deployed its military forces from the southernmost point of the east to the northernmost point.

The statements of two senior American officials in West Asian affairs – Barbara Alieff, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, and Dana Stroll, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy Affairs – in the hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate on June 18, 1401, the United States military policy in Syria has justified the aggressive and criminal actions of the Zionist regime against the Syrian government and people.

In this meeting, Barbara Alieff says clearly: The United States fully supports Israel’s ability to use its inherent right to defend itself in Syria. And Stroll says that as long as Iranian forces are present in Syria, the United States supports the Israeli army operation in Syrian territory.

3- The Turkish army justifies military actions against Syria for the so-called Syrian Kurdish Democratic Forces operations. At the same time, it claims to oppose Turkey’s interference in Syria. Pentagon officials warned Turkey against new action against the Syrian Kurds this past week.

However, after the so-called Peace Spring operation which Turkey occupied nearly 5,000 square kilometers of Syrian territory, the United States left these areas and gave them to Turkey. The United States Military signed a ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds in a joint statement with the Turkish army. Thus it recognized the deployment of Turkish military forces in these areas!

Turkey and the US disagree with each other about Syria. But the reality is that these two countries are complicit in undermining the territorial integrity of Syria and the lack of control of the central government over the lands of their own country. The United States only equips and supports them as long as it can use the Kurds of this country to weaken the Syrian government. This policy does not harm Turkey. Yes, at a time when Turkey, which is stronger than the Kurds, can remove parts of Syria from the control of the Damascus government, the United States supports it and makes the Kurds’ situation a compromise.

Therefore, the American opposition to the operation of the Turkish army against the Syrian Kurds is done to protect the forces opposed to Bashar al-Assad and does not have an anti-Erdogan approach. America’s support for the Kurds has another aspect of the issue to prevent the Syrian Kurds from turning to the central government. America does not want to lose this domestic possibility of weakening the Syrian government. Washington knows that Kurds join to the government will open the Syrian army’s feet to liberate the northern and eastern regions of this country from the control of the United States and Turkey and neutralize the twin military policies of these two governments in Syria.

On the other hand, Turkey’s military operation against Syria helps America maintain its occupying forces in the region, including in Syria. In other words, since Turkey’s military actions show the continuation of Syria’s instability, it justifies the American military presence in Syria. Moreover, the Pentagon’s military operations in Syria have expanded with Turkey’s new threats against its southern neighbor.

4- Currently, the Golan Heights and Jabal al-Sheikh in the southwest of Syria are occupied by the Zionist regime. The Turkish army is present in parts of northern Syria. The American military is in parts of eastern Syria, and Adlib province in northwestern Syria is under the occupation of terrorists who helped the occupancy of Syria by Turkey and America, and therefore they supported them. The Syrian army has no choice but to restore its territorial integrity by conducting liberating operations and establishing a complete establishment in all its lands.

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