Suspension of the observer's membership

Suspension of the observer’s membership in the African Union

news: Suspension of the observer’s membership in the African Union – At the African Union summit, the granting of the status of observer member of the union to the Zionist regime was suspended.

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced last July that the regime had joined the African Union as an observer member. The news was opposed by Algeria and 13 African countries. The Algerian-led countries have prepared an initiative to reclaim the position from Tel Aviv to be presented at the 35th African Union Summit.

 The meeting was held on Saturday and Sunday this week in the Ethiopian capital and was supposed to discuss the issue of granting an observer member to the Zionist regime in yesterday’s meeting. But the meeting participants unanimously approved to suspend the observer member to this regime to avoid any rift in the union.

According to an African diplomat, Tel Aviv’s membership in the African Union is currently suspended and a committee is to be set up to look into the matter.

The committee is scheduled to present its work report to the forthcoming African Union Summit in 2023.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced yesterday: “If Israel observer’s membership in the Africa League is approved, economic cooperation between Tel-Aviv and African countries will increase.

Last July the head of the African Union Commissioner agreed to accept the Zionist regime as an observer member of the union without consulting other union members. For this reason, Algeria, along with 13 other African countries, opposed it. If the issue of Tel Aviv’s membership in the African Union at the Addis Ababa summit was raised, we would see an unprecedented rift in the history of the union, as many experts said. It was on the twentieth anniversary of the union celebration.

According to the Al-Rai Al-Youm newspaper, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority during the meeting of the African Union called on the leaders of the union to cancel the Zionist regime’s observer membership in the African Union.

“Israel has committed many crimes against the Palestinian people,” Mohammed Ashtia said, adding that Tel Aviv’s membership in the African Union was an “unjust reward” for the Zionist regime.

Referring to a new Amnesty International report against the Zionist regime, he said: “Israel should not be rewarded in any way because this regime has committed many crimes against the Palestinians, and is based on racism.”

Hamas, meanwhile, called on participants in the Addis Ababa summit to oppose granting an observer member to Tel Aviv in the African Union.

The movement stressed in its statement: “Israel is a terrorist regime that commits all kinds of crimes against the Palestinian people and the holy places of this land in various ways.”

The Secretary-General of the Arab League also expressed his satisfaction with the suspension of the Zionist regime’s membership in the African Union, saying: “This union is on the right path.”

The leaders of 55 African countries ended their two-day meeting in the Ethiopian capital yesterday.A spokesman for the Addis Ababa summit told in a news conference that all African countries opposed granting a resolution for Tel Aviv an observer membership in the union.

Referring to the failure of the Zionist regime to reach an agreement between the participants in the African Union Summit to grant the observer status to Israel’s regime. He said:

This failure proves the adherence of African countries to the fundamental principles of this union and their continued support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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