Google's cooperation with Israel

Google’s cooperation with Israel

Media: For many years, Google has been using the Internet to entrap users’ information into the trap of its security forces, in order to train the officials of the countries targeted by the best spies in critical situations with the information hostage-taking technique.

Google and cyber threats

In the near future, our country should go to search engines with native protocols to prevent information and the business environment of people against possible cyber threats.

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  • Google’s Jewishness

Name: Google

Type: search engine

Owner: Google Corporation

Establishment Year:  1997 in the United States

The Google Company was created by two American Jews, Larry Page, and Surgery Brin. The value of the institution they built is close to $ 60 billion.

  • Google’s cooperation with Israel

Google, as the most widely used search engine in the world, changed its logo many times on the anniversary of the establishment of the Zionist regime. The Israeli Book Fair, the anniversary of the launch of Israel’s first satellite TV channel, the first day of the reopening of schools in Israel, and the Election Day in Israel, has repeated this move.

These activities began when Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, a Russian-Jewish, traveled to Israel in 2008 to attend an international conference in Jerusalem to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the occupying regime in Jerusalem. This conference was about the future of technology in the world and its impact on Jewish society.

Given Google’s close ties to the occupiers of Jerusalem and the Zionists, in addition to the billion-dollar turnover of capital in Jewish enterprises, how much cyber information is provided to Zionist spies and analysts? Google has more than one million worldwide It has a server that processes 24,000 terabytes of user data per day and responds to one billion user service requests. Google’s services are not just related to its search engine, but also popular sites such as YouTube, Blogger, Orkut, etc. belong to Google.

In 2011, the mobile phone division of Motorola was acquired by Google, thus gaining the privilege of the Android operating system. Google now owns more than 100 large companies that rely heavily on the information and data of the world today. 33,000 employees work for Google’s owners and investors. Available to Jewish staff. For example, Craig Silverstein, the first Google employee, is a Jew.

Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of production, Justin Rosenstein, Google’s page design director, and Eddy Mombers, Google’s vice president of technology and a graduate of the Israeli Technical University in Haifa, which has close ties to Zionist associations, are all Jewish. Let’s not forget Sheryl Sandberg, Google’s online sales assistant. It is known for the Jewish style of trade. Google’s Zionist Institute has only one research and development center in the Middle East, which is in Israel.

Israeli President Shimon Peres also traveled to California in March 2012 during a visit to the United States and met with Sergey Brin. It also promised the Jews to intervene in the Google search engine in such a way that the search for the word “Jewish” would not yield any unpleasant results.

Currently, while searching for the word Jewish in English, a message appears at the bottom of the page that reads: We are sorry for this result. Please read our description here. It is an unprecedented move in Google search and shows the depth of the world’s hatred of Zionist politics. Google continues to rise in value. Its stock has never declined since 2012, despite the US economic crisis, and shows that the future of information in the virtual world is moving towards Zionist domination.

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