sinister project for Baghdad

Behind the scenes of Abu Dhabi sinister project for Baghdad economy

Political: Behind the scenes of Abu Dhabi sinister project for Baghdad economy / UAE sheiks’ fear of developing Fav port / Development of Silk Road and ports of neighboring countries, UAE returns to the era of desert tourism .

The destructive role of the UAE in one of its most important stations in the region, Iraq, is not limited to the security and political levels and includes a sinister project for the economy of this country.

MashreghNews World Service – The United Arab Emirates, which practically did not exist before the 1970s and whose geographical area is referred to as the Reconciliation Emirate and the Emirate of the Oman Coast, has emerged as an emerging Arab sheikhdom in the Persian Gulf region in recent years. It has made great efforts to find a regional position. The UAE’s most important ally in the Arab region is Saudi Arabia. The greatest cooperation with Saudis dates back to the devastating war in Yemen. In 2015, Abu Dhabi became the main ally of Riyadh in imposing this catastrophic war against the Yemenis, with the greed of playing a role in the region and dominating southern Yemen

The UAE is trying to find a regional position and compete with Saudi Arabia.

This war was a prelude to the publicity of the differences between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The relation between the two countries entered into the phase of divergence later. Widespread differences existed between the two in the Yemeni war. The struggle for dominance in the south is the other reason. They have become the two main competitors in the oil and economy, and even the UAE is seeking to replace Saudi Arabia in the region.

sinister project for Baghdad

The destructive role of the UAE in the Arab countries

Like other Gulf sheikhdoms, the UAE’s foreign policy is dependent on the United States. They also had hidden relations with the Zionist regime for years. But over the past year, as relations between the two sides have become public and have progressed to sign a normalization agreement, the UAE has largely (in addition to meeting US demands) and openly sought to secure Israeli interests in the region, especially under its influence.

The UAE does not refrain from any attempt to infiltrate the Arab countries that are suffering from internal crises. One of the most effective actions of Abu Dhabi in this regard is to rely on the sabotage project in the Arab countries by influencing the political and military figures of these countries. The UAE has implemented this project wherever it has the opportunity; From Yemen to Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Meanwhile, Iraq is one of the most important sabotage stations in the UAE, and most of the related Abu Dhabi’s actions in this regard are in secret.

sinister project for Baghdad

Iraq; The most important regional sabotage station in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s destructive role in this country is visible after the October 2019 protests in some Arab countries, also spread widely in Iraq. Now Iraqis are struggling with the dubious consequences of the parliamentary elections.

– With the start of popular protests in Iraq in October 2019, Abu Dhabi tried to carry out the military coup it had planned. During the October 2019 protests, Iraqi sources announced the arrest of a UAE-affiliated gang in Iraq who intended to lead the Iraqi people in their favor. The gang was directly linked to Tahnoon bin Zayed, the UAE national security adviser and the brother of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. The widespread activities of the UAE-affiliated media during the 2019 protests in Iraq are secret.

Abu Dhabi strongly supported the holding of a referendum on the Iraqi Kurdish region in 2017, which led to opposition from Baghdad at the time. A year later, shipments of drugs and weapons from the UAE to Iraq were seized through the ports of Basra, but there was intense pressure not to reveal the matter. Drug trafficking from the UAE to Iraq had already increased at an unexpected rate. The drug shipments include opium and psychedelics, which many Iraqi social users have complained about the UAE’s treatment of their country, calling it a sign of its efforts to destroy the mentality of the Iraqi youth.

– The UAE’s support for terrorists in Iraq is another dimension of Abu Dhabi’s destructive role in the country. Recently the Iraqi people and activists have called on the judiciary and parliament to take action, noting that the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s support for terrorists are clear. At the international level to punish these governments. The display of antiquities stolen from Iraq at the Abu Dhabi Museum is another reason for the UAE’s connection to ISIS in Iraq.

The UAE sinister project for Baghdad economy and the Silk Road

But as mentioned, the UAE’s destructive role in Iraq is not just about security and politics; it also relates to Abu Dhabi’s extensive actions against the Iraqi economy.

In this regard, Amel Atiyah, a member of the Iraqi Fatah Coalition, recently revealed that the UAE is investing in the port of Fav and seeks to destroy the Silk Road. He also said that the current Iraqi government has no right to sign any agreements with other countries; Because this government is exclusively the government that will run the country until the formation of the new government.

On the other hand, the head of the rule of law coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, also warned against this action of the UAE; Especially after Iraqi Transport Minister Nasser Hussein al-Shabli announced earlier that Qatar and the UAE had requested investment in the large port of Fav.

The fear of sabotaging the UAE against the Silk Road project has some reason. The country will certainly try to slow down the construction of the port of Fav. The goal is for the ports of the UAE, led by Jabal Ali, to continue to maintain their importance and rank among the ports of the world, especially since the port of Fav can carry long distances compared to the crossing of the Oman Sea and the Red Sea. And shorten the movement of commercial goods to the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, Tahnoon bin Zayed, the head of the UAE Intelligence and Security Service, who has become famous as the person in charge of the Iraq case in Abu Dhabi, said in a statement during the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi:

“In our view, there is no difference between the regional ports that will overshadow the UAE economy over the next 30 years, whether it is the port of Gwadar (Pakistan) that China is trying to exploit or the port of Fav (Iraq). We will not allow some to grow and prosper at the expense of the UAE’s return to the age of desertification.

sinister project for Baghdad

 The UAE sabotage projects in Iraq in the recent period are as follows, reflected in the results of the parliamentary elections in this country.

  • Supporting Iraqi political forces, including the current speaker of parliament, Mohammed al-Halbousi, by funding campaigns and helping them buy votes; establishing a parliamentary faction in the UAE that can serve the interests of this country in the Iraqi government services.
  • Technical interference in the election process through DARK MATTER, which in many cases, accused of electronic espionage, also strengthens the hypotheses about fraud in the outcome of the Iraqi parliamentary elections.
  • The UAE’s support for the team is committed to the current outcome of the Iraqi parliamentary elections, which have not yet given a convincing response to the widespread popular protests over the irregularities during the election, including fraud and technical errors. Due to the mismanagement of the High Electoral Commission and other relevant institutions, the peaceful protests against the election results soon turned violent, and many people were killed and wounded during the large-scale clashes between the security forces and the protesters. For this reason, many observers believe that the recent unrest in Iraq should not be in isolation from the destructive role of the UAE.
  • The UAE supports the conference on the normalization of relations with the occupying Zionist regime, recently held in the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • Abu Dhabi’s support for the Kurdish regional secession project from the Iraqi central government will pave the way to be divided into three parts within the famous US plan framework to divide Iraq.
  • During the October 2019 protests, UAE’s widespread support for non-governmental organizations, and the Iraqi parliamentary elections can help the subject clarification. As mentioned, this ambitious policy of the UAE is not limited to Iraq but continues throughout the Arab countries, even outside the Asian continent. The Abu Dhabi approach (especially after signing the Compromise Agreement with the Zionist regime) has taken on a more security color and smell. The spying operations of Abu Dhabi-Zionists and using Israeli espionage technology have sounded the alarm for countries in the region. Iraq, which is always involved in the consequences of foreign intervention.

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