The developments in Yemen

The developments in Yemen: Acknowledging the new failure and irrational thinking

Political: In the political arena, the course of events evokes the end of the initiatives of the Saudi Front and its western supporters. Regarding the military issue, the absolute stalemate in the Saudi Front and its supporters revealed. The developments in Yemen show fundamental changes in both the political and military spheres.

The developments in Yemen

The developments in Yemen and the end of the initiatives

According to the Fars News Agency Another Media Group,

Sadullah Zarei wrote in the Kayhan newspaper: “The developments in Yemen show fundamental changes in both the political and military fields.”

In the political arena, the process of development evokes the end of the initiatives of the Saudi Front and its Western supporters. Regarding the military issue, the development process shows the absolute stalemate in the Saudi Front and its supporters.

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, has stressed the need for a new initiative at the end of the International Initiative for Resolution 2216, which means acknowledging the absolute defeat of the Saudi-Western Front against the oppressed people of Yemen.

Simultaneously with this political upheaval, the Saudi military forces withdrew from the strategic island of Socotra at the mouth of the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, evacuated Ataq Airport, al-Bariqa base in Aden, and al-Khalidiya base in Hadhramaut, and the UAE-affiliated military base in Al-Alam base in the province.

The coast of Al-Hudaydah has been handed over to the Yemeni forces, which also shows the absolute armed defeat of the Yemeni enemies. There are some points about this subject that we will explain below;

1. The UN Secretary-General’s Representative has stated that Resolution 2216, issued on land, air, and sea blockade of Yemen and called for the surrender of the capital and provincial centers under Ansar Al-Islam, is no longer effective and does not match the current condition.

He says the British, who drafted the resolution seven years ago, are now working on a new UN Security Council resolution to bring the council into line with the current situation in Yemen. He says the issuance of the new resolution, and the formal annulment of the previous Security Council resolution, is also the position of the French and has been coordinated with the Americans. Grundberg says the resolution will pass despite opposition from pro-Saudi Arab states,   mentioned as Kuwait.

We should mention two points here:

 a- the seven-year military and political program of the West and its Arab allies failure admission.

 b- A new conspiracy that despite acknowledging its inability to get Saudi Arabia and the West out of “absolute defeat.” considers “relative achievement”.

Participation of all parties

It is not possible to make a definite prediction about the new resolution, as will be approved by the Security Council in the coming weeks. But the new resolution will most likely focus on the oppressed people of Yemen and end the killings.

It will be followed by a table with the participation of the Secretary General’s representative, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Mansour Hadi, the Southern Transitional Council – under the Emirates – Ansarullah and possibly Iran with two agendas of forming an interim government and establishing a ceasefire.

The resolution will typically emphasize the concentration of weapons in the hands of the transitional government and the permanent government that will be delegated to hold elections.

If such a text as the new resolution is presented, it will most likely be approved by the permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council. Institutions such as the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (two Saudi-affiliated bodies) will support it.

As the most optimistic case, such a formation would be seven to two, i.e. seven defeated and two victorious. It is not a “solution” but rather a conspiracy to perpetuate oppression and illegal interventions. Of course, Iran and Ansarullah will not accept that.

So such a resolution will not have a better fate than the previous one, adopted on April 15, 2015, 18 days after the war initiation against Yemen. This resolution will be issued with the suspicion to justify Saudi Arabia in its criminal actions against the Yemeni people.

It holds the oppressed and the victim of the war responsible for its continuation! We saw this during the eight-year war in Iraq and the US-led international fronts and the Saudi-led regional front introducing fake victims and murderers.

Earlier, during talks between the Secretary-General’s envoy and the Saudi, Emirati, Omani and Yemeni parties, a draft was made by Grundberg and preceded by Griffiths, which outlined a kind of UN Security Council mandate on Yemen. On the other hand, he considered the gradual and healthy surrender of the Yemeni resistance. It seems like a new prepared British resolution in this context.

Such a resolution cannot affect the course of the war. The maximum is that it gives a more legal cover to the Saudi bombings, but it does not increase the power of the Saudis.

It does not reduce the power of the Yemenis in the face of aggression either.  Despite UN Security Council Resolution 2216, the Yemeni people defended their territorial integrity, independence, and security.

Today they are stronger than the day the Security Council passed the previous resolution with 14 votes in favor and one abstention (Russia). Before the Yemeni people, they are much weaker and more scattered than that day.

2. On the military Front, there are two trends side by side. It depicts the situation.

The first trend is the consecutive victories of the Yemeni people. In recent weeks, many areas have been conquered continuously and without interruption, including Magyar, Madghal, and Raghavan in the north, Sarwah, Paddies, Rib, and Al-Qarami in the west of Marib, Mahliyah, and Rahabah. Hrib, Abdiyeh, Jobe, Jabal Murad are located from the south of Marib and the cities of Asilan, Bayhan, and Al-Ain in Shabwa province.

Yemeni fighters have taken the entire control of the city of Marib, the capital of the province, and its oil and water resources. In addition, new parts of the two Saudi provinces of Jazan and Najran were captured by the Yemenis this week. It is said that about 30 percent of these two provinces and parts of the Ismaili province of Asir are now in the hands of zealous Yemeni fighters.

In the past month, the Yemenis have attacked the Saudi capital and the cities of Jeddah, Taif, Jizan, Asir, Najran, and Abha with drones and missiles, causing heavy damages to Saudi-American oil resources. Yemeni fighters took the Bayda province control over the past four months, occupying most of the Yemeni coast of the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, they have not lost any part of the areas under their control in the last two years and have not faced any popular protest or reduction of popular support. The second trend is the successive defeats of the Saudi-American Front. In recent weeks, the Front has lost control of the vast and strategic province of Al-Hudaydah and was forced to flee the area, while this military event had a major impact on breaking the resistance of Saudi-Emirati mercenaries against zealous Yemeni fighters.

Simultaneously, in the last two weeks, Saudi bases in the southern provinces, including Aden, Taiz, Zaal, Hadramaut, and Shabwa, were severely attacked by Yemeni fighters’ missiles and drones. As a consequence, the Saudis and Emirati have been forced to evacuate large numbers of barracks and military bases and travel to desert areas.  Protests against the Saudi-Emirati aggressors in the provinces of Hadramaut, Shabwa, and Mehra have escalated, and their control over the border province of Mehra in the easternmost point of Yemen – the border with Oman – has been completely lost.

At the same time, the rift between the only two Arab members of the aggressor coalition – Saudi Arabia and the UAE – has escalated to the point where the UAE’s withdrawal from al-Hudaydah and its lack of cooperation with Saudi Arabia, and the strengthening of relations with Iran send a message of goodwill to Ansarullah for solving the problem of the Southern Council.

The developments in Yemen

acknowledging the failure and plotting a new US-Saudi

Finally, recent remarks by the US Deputy Secretary of State reveal two aspects of acknowledging the failure and plotting a new US-Saudi front plot. “Washington’s enemies will soon win this war and take control of Yemen’s oil resources,” he said. “Therefore, the Biden administration must support Saudi Arabia and arm, organize the Hadi government and its allies, and allow direct intervention in the US military.”

In reality, the determinative words are said by the Yemenis. These words are; freedom from one land to another in the occupied territories.

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