Fragile realization of long-standing dream of the Zionist regime

Membership in the African Union has been one of the long-standing demands of the Zionist regime. The regime has made great efforts to achieve this over the past 19 years and the “Organization of African Unity” gave place to the African Union. Previously, the Zionist regime was present and active as an observer member in the Organization of African Unity, whose membership was revoked in 2002 with the formation of the African Union.

The Zionist regime’s membership in the African Union was formed not through formal and legal mechanisms or according to the internal regulations of the Union, but mainly by the “tricks and scenarios”” that were used. The head of the African Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, and the Ethiopian government played a key role in this regard.

In other words, membership of the Zionist regime in the African Union was done without any voting and consultation among the 55 members of the Union and in violation of its basic principles and rules. This comes exactly one day after talks and consultations between the regime’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Chad and Burundi with Moussa Faki Mahamat (head of the African Union High Commissioner at the headquarters of the Union in Addis Ababa) and under the shadow of the silence of most members, with the exception of Algeria.

Algeria was the first country to oppose the Zionist regime’s illegal membership in the African Union. Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Mauritania, Djibouti and the Comoros are other African countries that have joined the opposition after Algeria and have declared support for the Palestine and condemned the Zionist regime’s entry into the African Union.

Now, the Algerian government through the adoption of an “initiative”, is coordinating intercontinental efforts and high-level contacts with African governments to revoke Israel’s membership in the Union. So far, 21 countries have joined the initiative. According to what the Algerian government is pursuing, an amendment is to be included in the African Union Charter, which would ban the membership of non-African countries occupying foreign lands. If the amendment is agreed upon, observer membership of the Israel will be automatically revoked.

Factors involved in membership of the Zionist regime

There are a number of factors that have played an important role in Israel’s observer membership in the African Union at both the “intercontinental” and “transcontinental” levels. At the intercontinental level, as mentioned earlier, the role of Ethiopia, which has a growing relationship with Tel Aviv, is special. Ethiopia has reduced the flow of water to Egypt and Sudan by building the Ennahda Dam on the Nile River. The Nile River is the only source of agricultural and drinking water for the two countries. This has led to Egypt and Sudan posing a military threat to Ethiopia. To counter the military threat, Ethiopia needs a transcontinental balancing agent, the Zionist regime. Therefore, it is trying to build a safe fence against the military threats of Egypt and Sudan by expanding the bases of influence of the Zionist regime in Africa, which, of course, the Zionist regime has also seized as an opportunity!

In addition to the role of Ethiopia, the process of normalization of Zionist relations with Sudan and Morocco should also be mentioned as an effective inter-continental element that provided a suitable platform for the membership of the Zionist regime. The normalization of relations with Morocco and Sudan helped prepare the ground for Israel’s admission to the African Union, the daily Al-Araby Al-Jadeed wrote in a note. It was important for Tel Aviv to know what was going on in the corridors of the African Union, because Africa is a major market for Israeli intelligence and security products.

At the transcontinental level, the most effective recognizable involved statement is the need that the Zionist regime has for the rich continent of Africa to survive and continue its political, security, economic, etc. life, which will be explained in the following lines.

Objectives and their importance

Whether the Zionist regime’s observer membership in the African Union is legal or not, this is a major achievement and a key step forward for Israeli officials until Israel’s membership is revoked. An Israeli diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Haaretz: This progress was made by saying that the status of observer “does not make much sense” but is in fact “a very important symbol”. Israel, hated and outcast in Africa in the 1970s, is back on the table, and many of its traditional opponents no longer insist on removing it. Physical presence in the meetings allows Israel to ‘know what is happening’ and to pursue ‘political developments and initiatives’ on the African Union agenda.

zionist regime`s observer membership in AU

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, which is known as the “continent of the future” due to its geopolitical, geostrategic and geoeconomic importance. This is exactly the subtle point that the Zionist regime has well understood and has already opened its feet to the future continent of the world with the aim of economic, political, security, etc. exploitation!

The Zionist regime has been looking to the African continent since the first days of its establishment. During those years, it had also active presence in the field of extracting natural resources from Africa. For example, UN research shows that Israel is heavily involved in the diamond trade, weapons and security services, which are Africa’s most important investments, and that more than 800 Zionist companies and exporters are currently active in South Africa. Some Zionist companies are also responsible for exploiting mines, diamond mining in Congo, the Central African Republic and Sierra Leone, iron ore mining in Liberia and Sierra Leone, tin mining in Cameroon and Sierra Leone, and lead and zinc in Congo.

Therefore, the presence of the Zionist regime in the African Union will increase its capability as well as its easy exploitation of the rich and abundant resources of the African continent. The Israeli financial daily Globes reported that Israel’s admission as an observer member to the African Union will give Israeli companies more opportunities to invest, as there is energy and hidden potential in Africa in this regard.

Concluding point

Granting observer status to the Zionist regime in the African Union, where 19 countries out of its 55 members are Arab and Muslim states, is a dangerous issue that could have devastating consequences for African countries. Creating gap and disintegration in African countries, changing the demographic structure due to the settlement of African Jews in the continent, and extracting oil and energy resources of Africa at low cost due to the severe financial and economic needs of African countries, are among the possible consequences in this regard.

The entry of the Zionist regime into the African Union is a prelude to its entry into other organizations and regional and international arrangements related to the Arab and Islamic countries. In the words of Abdel Bari Atwan, a well-known Palestinian writer: If this issue is left unchecked, it will enter the Arab League and then the Organization of Islamic Cooperation tomorrow, thanks to the Arab compromising countries.”