Visitors to New Delhi book fair receive free Quran copies

Several stalls at the ongoing World Book Fair in New Delhi have books on Islam to communicate the true meaning of the religion and in a bid to spread peace.

Among the books on display are “What is Islam” and “Leading A Spiritual Life”.

Islam-A Complete System for Life is the hall stocking Islamic books. It also conveys the message of Islam through the digital medium. The organizers admit there is less footfall as compared to other halls but their hopes are high that more people will drop in.

“We simply want to convey the true words of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. He told us to be honest towards humanity and all aspects of life with his words in Quran,” said Ajmal Rashid, volunteer at IROPE, a book stall, the Statesman reported.

GoodWord is providing free Quran to all its visitors. “We are bound to do this as we are fed up with the misconceptions about the religion everywhere.

I want visitors to read the holy book and clear all their misconceptions,” said Yakub, Manager, GoodWord. Zeeshan, a volunteer at Islam-A Complete System for Life, said, “We look towards the Quran as the most credible teacher who guides us to deal with all the different aspects of life.

It always shows me the path of honesty. All the good things about the religion lie in the Quran.” One volunteer said, “I am really fed up of all those people who blame my religion for everything bad happening. There is a bit of wrong with every religion.

We have to understand that all this terrorism in the name of Islam is fake.” She added, “Those who have read Quran and are true followers of Islam are against terrorism.

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