Shiite-Sunni split, the main purpose of Wahhabism – Ayatollah Nouri



Grand Shiite cleric and source of emulation, Ayatollah Nouri Hamadani, in a meeting with some of the families of the martyrs of the Mina tragedy, which occurred during last year’s Hajj because of Saudi Arabia’s lack of planning, mentioned that Wahhabism is one of the tragedies of the Islamic world and exclaimed: ‘The Holy Quran stresses upon the unity between Muslims, however the enemies of Islam, and in particular the Wahhabies want to sow discord and create division between Sunni and Shia Muslims’.

The Ayatollah stated that division between Shiites and Sunnis is one of the greatest dangers in Islam and added: ‘Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (founder of Wahhabism) pronounced the practices of the Shia, visitation of the graves of the Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and their mausoleums as being an act of idolatry and that it is permissible to kill the Shia and confiscate their wealth!’

‘The Saudi regime, with the help of the British and Zionist regime, have managed to prolong the life of Wahabism.’

Ayatollah Nouri continued: ’Saudi Arabia has no basis and nor does Wahabism, they have survived on the oil revenues. With their support of ISIS (Daesh) and the Zionists, have destroyed generations; but you must know, their time is up and they will be destroyed.’

The Grand Ayatollah, by pointing to the speeches and advices of the Leader of the Islamic Republic, stressed. ‘The Leader courageously advised them, but they continue on their rampage of destroying generations.’

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