Welcome to the CIA created “Khilafat” !

 Now US plans a gift of $500 million dollars to the new bloody kharji imposter hijacking the Khilafat ! Israel is offering troops and field hospitals to support the “Mujahideen” and Britain have decided to increase the recruitment to purge their own societies of radicals

but sending them to syria to start another sectarian war and NATO has decided to stop the bombing runs on the freely moving ISIS khawarij, so they can easily attack Saudi arabia, Turkey and Iran while Israel breaks apart Kurdistan to make it its own colony !! Meanwhile, the Khawarij release all Hindus in their custody, allowing the Indian Mushriks to send planes to Mosul to fly away all captured nurses and workers. NO Hindu was harmed but over half a million Muslims have been butchered or wounded by khawarij so far and dozens of Muqamat of aulia, sahabas and masjids have been demolished…

Welcome to the new Middle East and the rule of the Khawarij….


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