Dangers and Intents behind Al-Aqsa Mosque, Al-Quds Violence

It is the al-Aqsa mosque again… whilst the Arabs are absent. They aren’t all asleep this time, or spending long vacations across Europe, they are rather awake and following up, they are even engaged in the wars! These wars are in different battlefields, except in Palestine. They are the fields of “sister” countries, either with weapons and direct elements, or with warrants.

Arabs “regained” data, carrying ridiculous positions. They adopted expired expressions towards the ongoing events. They are very peaceful when it comes to the risks Palestine would face, while they are very violent when it comes to any other sister country! When the Arab countries woke up, they stood against “sister” countries. Their abilities suddenly were freed after a long hibernation, killing brothers and destroying their lands.
It was recently that some news of al-Quds and the al-Aqsa mosque emerged to the surface. The news, humbly mentioned by some, are related to a cause whose importance has not been displayed so far by many Arab media outlets. The triggering movements by settlers in al-Aqsa mosque, the recently repeated attacks by Israeli soldiers against the worshippers, and the following Zionist government decisions and Netanyahu’s provocative tours have all raised many questions, or even warnings from what is still hidden.

Israeli occupation forces continued to offend the sanctity of the blessed al-Aqsa mosque, as well as attacking worshippers inside it, causing injuries among tens of them. Many times they destroyed, burned, and launched gas bombs.

This was accompanied by sending daily reinforcements to al-Quds. Therefore, Palestinians warned that the Israeli attacks aim at evacuating the occupied city of al-Quds from its Palestinian people by using such security measurements under the pretext of the al-Aqsa incidents. This is eventually part of completing the Judaization policy in the city.

Similar warnings were raised about the future of the al-Aqsa mosque in which the visits of massive numbers of Jews to the mosque under the pretext of performing prayers became a distinguished phenomenon because of being repeated many times. At the same time, Zionist communities were talking about efforts to divide al-Aqsa on both time and place levels under the claim of protecting Jews and “their rituals.” Many Palestinian leaders warned from such an action, namely the Leader in Islamic Jihad Movement, Ahmad al-Aouri. Furthermore, Spokeswoman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Marzieh Afkham asserted that the Israeli occupation division of the blessed al-Aqsa mosque in this time and this place is a violation of the international law.

Recent news about the clashes inside al-Aqsa reported injuries among the al-Aqsa guards after direct fist fights and attacks they were subject to by the special Israeli forces. Clashes renewed on Tuesday inside al-Aqsa and its surroundings for the third consecutive day, in which 26 citizens were injured after invading the southern praying place, burning part of it, and attempting to evacuate the stationed worshippers inside it by the occupation soldiers.

What is the Risk?
Editor of Hebrew Department in al-Manar Channel, Hasan Hijazi noted that “there is a main policy adopted by the rightist government led by Netanyahu to boost the Jewish identity of al-Quds and save its existence in the al-Aqsa mosque, and this justifies the repeated visits by Jewish settlers to the mosque, which ignite clashes with the Palestinians.”

Regarding both risks and intentions, Mr. Hijazi tells our website that “Netanyahu’s government’s insistence to allow them do such provocative visits to the courtyards of the holy mosque asserts the efforts of Judaization.” He also adds that “continuing such punitive measurements against the Palestinians who confront the settlers is clear evidence on pursuing such policy under the Israeli calls for allowing the Jews perform their rituals in the courtyards of the mosque.”

Mr. Hijazi notes that “this is a very dangerous development since it will grant the Jews the right to stay in the mosque’s courtyards, and perhaps dividing them between Muslims and Jews according to time and place factors, in which the al-Aqsa mosque would lose its Islamic identity.”

On this level, some dangerous and implied Zionist stances emerged, in which the Likud Minister of Culture Miri Regev called the Prime Minister for ordering the closure of the holy mosque in front of Muslims, while the occupation’s Mayor in al-Quds called the government for not allowing the holy mosque to be a shelter for those he referred to as vandals.

On his part, the so-called Public Security Minister Gelad Erdan said he is pushing toward changing the orders of shooting fire in case stones were thrown.

Netanyahu Undertakes the Issue!

In the meantime, it seems that Netanyahu has undertaken in person leading the attacks and the provocations. This reminds us of the second Intifada after Sharon violated the sanctity of the al-Aqsa mosque. So does Netanyahu attempt to cause provocations and ignite the situation paving the way for severe measurements against the Palestinians, al-Quds and al-Aqsa?

Indeed, Netanyahu “vowed” to set new standards to prevent throwing stones and Molotov cocktails on the city of al-Quds and its surroundings, reported “Israel’s Voice” website. The website added that this statement came during a session led by Netanyahu with the “defense”, public security, justice, transportation, and al-Quds affairs ministers in the presence of some security officials and the government’s legal advisor.
The website also uncovered that “it was decided during the session to intensify the taken measures in dealing with the incidents of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, some of which are considering the possibility of changing the orders of shooting fire and lowering the judicial level of the binding sanctions.”

Haaretz mentioned that “Netanyahu’s office issued in the last three days some three different statements on the al-Aqsa incidents!”… This indicates that Netanyahu’s intensive follow-up signals to what is more dangerous.

Haaretz’s website entitled the following: “An Uprising in al-Quds – Officials don’t Know what to do!”

Netanyahu’s pictures of his tour in al-Quds, especially from the town of Sur Baher were published on social media networks in a provocative manner, as he was also accompanied with huge numbers of Zionist police officers. People of al-Quds crowded in the streets of Sur Baher to confront Netanyahu’s invasion of the neighborhood next to al-Aqsa mosque. Some Hebrew websites leaked that Netanyahu will visit some sensitive areas in the occupied city of al-Quds.

In the same context, the extremist Zionist Rabbi Yehuda Glick broke through the al-Aqsa mosque with number of settlers in parallel with Netanyahu’s visit to Sur Baher. However, stationed worshippers in al-Aqsa mosque confronted him; some of them were injured due to the attack the occupation soldiers conducted against them.

In the context of what seems to be terror against the Palestinian media to blur the facts, and regarding a piece of news reported by Haaretz, the newspaper reported that twelve Palestinian journalists were hit by the police of the old city of al-Quds over the three past days. It added that according to a journalist and another source, they heard the officers ordering the policemen to use power against the photographers.

Al-Aqsa is facing a renewed risk and hidden intentions that the coming days would make evident. While the occupation is achieving its dangerous goals of Judaization and destroying what is left of the Palestinian cause, it mocks at those who are silent, or even those who have been conspiring for tens of years celebrating the naturalization of relationships with ambassadors and embassies. Yet, the occupation does not care for or worry of anyone except those who act rather than talk; the people of resistance, preparation and power.

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