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Jewish Americans ‘don’t like Israel

Jewish Americans

According to Mouood, quoting by Washington post: Trump says Jewish Americans ‘don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel’ December 17, 2021 Over the years, President Trump’s rhetoric about Jewish Americans has resembled the Jewish American rhetoric he has decried from other politicians. (JM |Rieger/The Washington Post) By John Wagner December …

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The Israel of Theodore Herzl (1904) and Rabbi Fischman

The Israel of Theodore Herzl (1904) and Rabbi Fischmann (1947) In his Complete Diaries, Vol.II, Page 711, Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, says that the area of the Jewish state stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates”. Rabbi Fischmann, member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared …

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Walled in by Myth and Deceit

Walled in by Myth and Deceit  by William A. Cook     By William A. Cook* | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.bizBen Gurion “   …realized that the holy book could be made into a secular national text, serve as a central repository of ancient collective imagery, help forge the hundreds …

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