The Clean Network

The Clean Network – The 5G Internet Program

Media: Is only Iran looking for a national information network?

The Clean Network; get acquainted with the US Clean National Internet Plan.

The purpose of creating the Clean Network

The purpose of creating this network was to prevent the collection of information of American citizens, the theft of sensitive information, including US military achievements, and scientific research on the Quaid 19 virus by countries such as China. The Clean American Network operates on six pillars. Clean Telecommunication Carrier, Clean Storage, Clean Application, Clean Cloud computing, clean Route, and Clean Cable Lines.

Achieving the goals of this plan will lead to the elimination of foreign individuals and countries. The development of the 5G Internet Program and its security requirements have also been discussed in this plan. Threats against national security in cyberspace are inevitable, from hacking and stealing national information to tracking and identifying sensitive individuals and locations. It becomes more effective when the national information network of the target country is not under the supervision of relevant institutions. For this reason, many countries will be persuaded to launch a national network of indigenous information…


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