Resistance Front

The vision before the “Resistance Front” in the region

Mouood: For years, the US-centered Iranian front has been pushing for the dismantling of the “Resistance Front”, and until it achieves this goal, no other concessions will calm it down.

Resistance Front

the value and importance of the Resistance Front in the region

Sadollah Zarei wrote in the Kayhan newspaper: “The Resistance Front” is a fertile and lasting “capital” for all its members, including Iran, with short-term, medium-term, and long-term effects. Precisely for this reason, the US-centered front against Iran has for years exerted great pressures to dismantle and destroy the power of the Peripatetic Front of Resistance.

Until it achieves this goal, no other concessions will calm it down. For this reason, The Americans raise the issue of “regional resistance” in the text and under any other document, pushing the other side to the other side to back down. However, the value and importance of the Resistance Front and the role and position of Iran in it inside the country need more attention. The following points are important for mentioning:

1- a front of countries, organizations, and movements is created with one or two goals. Sometimes it is common to deal with threats and harm. On the other occasion, it is to achieve a better situation, and of course, sometimes it pursues both goals. The Non-Aligned Movement was designed in 1954 against the military domination of the United States and the Soviet Union superpowers. It was formed in 1961.

The “Arab Union” formation in 1945 had the same logic. The NATO Alliance has been created in 1949 for a better military-security position. And the Warshaw Pact was established in 1945 with the same goal. The Resistance Front is a type of action that considered both sides to eliminate threats and obstacles and achieve a superior position.

At the same time, some coalitions and fronts are formed for security or economic or cultural or political, or legal reasons. For example, the Shanghai,  Maastricht, and  Pacific Treaties were established for economical purposes. The UN Security Council – which is, in fact, a front – is formed with a security focus, and the African Union has a political goal. All these coalitions or fronts are minimally involved in other issues. Some coalitions and fronts have a general and comprehensive purpose and are not limited to one dimension. Of course, this happens very rarely. The resistance front is in this row and therefore is a rare phenomenon in its kind.

2- Regarding the formation of the Resistance Front, a special day cannot be considered as a starting point. However, on the one hand, no one can doubt the continuity of this front with the Islamic Revolution. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the Islamic Revolution has considered the formation of a cohesive front of nations from the very beginning of victory and even before that. If we look at the statements of Imam Khomeini, and some other Islamic Revolution leaders, such as Imam Khamenei, Martyr Motahhari, and Martyr Beheshti, we will see the idea of ​​forming a new international front intension

The sermons of Imam Khomeini with phrases such as:

“Rise the oppressed …”

 “Islam conquers the key strongholds of the world”

 “We are looking for a third way – against the way of the West and the way of the East – in the world”

 “We must form the party of the oppressed”, which were numerous and continued throughout the life of the Imam, observed the same meaning. In the time of Imam Khomeini, a concept called the Resistance Front was formed and its culture was produced and entered into the world literature.

During this period some deviants in Iran tried to show deviant figures of the resistance with sophisticating acts and fake literature. They were not very successful. To stifle the formation of the Resistance Front, the Americans seem to have approached these currents and sought to use their capacity and influence to stop the formation of the Resistance Front. But, on the other hand, it was never necessary to form such a front from the language and pen of Imam Khomeini.

As if the line of formation of the Resistance Front in the passionate statements of Imam Khomeini (as) in March 1967 and April 1968 was very bold and epic. Therefore, during the life of Imam Khomeini fundamental and firm steps were taken in the production of literature, which was of fundamental importance in creating the resistance front.

3- The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, who during his presidency had special relations with the regional religious revolutionary organizations such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Badr in Iraq, from the beginning of his leadership tried to create a system to form the Resistance Front. After that, the Resistance Front was designed in 1990 in two internal and external systems. The internal system was to turn the unit or deputy of the Basij in the IRGC into a “resistance force” .The external system was to turn the unit of the IRGC movements – which, of course, was closed for a long time – into the “Quds Force”.

In this design, both the Basij and the Quds Force were seen as multidimensional organizations, and comprehensive organizations with political, military, intelligence, economic, cultural, scientific, social, and other functions. Imam Khamenei in one of his orders – quoting the theme – said “The Quds Force is not a military force or an intelligence force or a service force or a diplomatic force or an economic force or a political force. There are organizations such as the Army, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Interior. “The Quds Force must embrace all these dimensions.”

The secret is that when it comes to forming an active rather than a defensive front, all of these activities are necessary. The Quds Force was formed in 1990 with this comprehensive goal. Later, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a ceremony held on the occasion of the honorable martyrdom of General Haj Qassem Soleimani, who had a fair and multifaceted personality, explained a part of this goal of the Quds Force.

Thus, in other words, Imam Khomeini raised the Resistance Front at the level of discourse, and the Resistance Front was established in the early years of Imam Khamenei’s enlightened leadership and at the international level. , Have discussed the do’s and don’ts of this front, which has been very effective in the production and culture of the Resistance Front, and in fact, includes several volumes of books.

4- As mentioned, the Resistance Front is short-term to long-term and tactical to strategic multilateral investment for all its members, including Iran. So far it has had great benefits for Iran and the rest of its members. If it were not for the Resistance Front, there would be no trace of the governments of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. today. Were it not for the Resistance Front, severe economic sanctions would most likely have destroyed Iran, and today it would not have been able to run the people’s economic affairs.

If it were not for the Resistance Front, the economies of Iraq and Syria would have collapsed. It is as if the Americans have pursued a coherent plan for their economic collapse by diligently pursuing economic sanctions on each member of the Resistance Front.

Nowadays, the Resistance Front can have a direct or indirect presence in international security, economic and political decision-making institutions. While this special force preventing the formation of anti-resistance decisions has opened the horizons of economic, political, and moral success to its members.

However, some insiders, whose literature and actions are very dubious, seem to be waiting for something ordinary to happen in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc . to open their mouths and say what they are sitting on,  where our investments and efforts are? Why and where our efforts are destroyed?  and the others sat at the table that we had spread with the sacrifices of our martyrs!

However, during the two decades that the resistance front has been practically formed, no stronghold – read any country or government – has collapsed from the resistance front and has not separated from this front and has not leaned in other directions.

Of course, to develop the economic, political, cultural, military, and security relations of the members of the Resistance Front with each other, we need corrective measures in our internal structures so that this expansion of communication and mutual benefit can be done easily and with little concern.

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