A shadow over the golf course

A shadow over the golf course

News: The chic barbarians are currently sitting in the White House enjoying a cake baked with the blood of innocents. But it’s not too late to see the shadow over their heads that they were terrified of seeing in such an animation.

A shadow over the golf course

Mohammad Sairafi wrote in the Kayhan newspaper:

Florida, Palm Beach – On a sunny day, several men are playing golf. A small, four-wheeled robot walks through security cameras and the bushes, approaches the men, and identifies two people. The robot is connected to a control center. The user who drives the robot from behind the monitor picks up the paper from his desk while working and looks at a single sentence written on it in Arabic:

یجب علی من قتل سلیمانی و من امر بقتله ان یدفع الثمن. الامام السید علی الخامنئی

“Whoever killed Soleimani and whoever ordered his assassination must pay the ransom. Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei”

The shadow of a drone appears over them. In the control room the pictures of martyrs Soleimani, Abu Mehdi Mohandes, and the flags of the resistance groups are lined up next to each other. The user presses the shoot button.

This is the story of the two minutes animation, which is titled Revenge Is Inevitable by the popular movement of Hero. It was sent to the Office for the Preservation and Publication of the Revolution Leader Works Website and published as one of the selected works.

A shadow over the golf course

Reactions to the animation and a glimpse of America’s black history in the world

The work has received many reactions in the American media. Even US officials have taken a stand on it. For example, John Kirby, the Pentagon Spokesman said about this video;

This is part of the destructive activities that Iran is committing in the region and is one of the threats it poses against our national security.
We at the Department of Defense will stay focused on this threat to ensure that we have the capabilities to defend ourselves in the region. We are witnessing Iran’s continuum support for terrorism in the Levant and the Middle East, and its support for militant groups in Iraq and Syria that continue to attack our forces.

The Americans assassinated General Soleimani and his companions with the same nonsensical excuses. They are systematically and daily engaged in war crimes in the West Asian region, and anyone who stands in front of them is labeled a terrorist and must be eliminated. The famous phrase of George W. Bush after the suspicious incident of 9/11; you are either with us or against us, reminds us of the current American policy as well.

Genocide and crimes against humanity in America are not about today and yesterday. Five centuries ago, the ancestors of the US laid the foundation of America with the brutal genocide of millions of Native Americans. Murder is in their blood, and they have passed this gene on from generation to generation. A few centuries ago, only the native Indians were the victims of European white immigrants.

Today their descendants have expanded this bloody and, of course, lucrative business considerably. Of course, the massacre of the natives continued until the late nineteenth century. One example is the notorious Knee Wound crime of 1890. The U.S. Army massacred three hundred male and female Indians, and twenty U.S. Army soldiers received medals of Honor for the crime.

It is safe to say that there are few places on the planet where there is no trace of American crime and terrorism; From Latin America to Asia and Africa and even Europe. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria have been the three main countries invaded by the United States in recent years.

With our extraordinary technology, we are conducting the most accurate air operations in history“, said former President Barack Obama in 2016. It conducted 50,000 airstrikes between 2014 and 2019 alone, killing tens of thousands of civilians in the target countries. Many of such crimes have been censored. The related reports have been an attempt to cover up the truth and reduce the depth and scope of the crimes.

In 2016, for example, the US warplanes bombed a village in northern Syria. The Pentagon said in an official report that 85 terrorists were killed in the attack, but field investigations revealed that there were no terrorists in the village and that 120 Syrians were killed in the attack.

Four months ago, as the United States was fleeing Afghanistan, US drones struck a van and blew it up. The Pentagon claimed the car was carrying explosives. A few days later, it was revealed that 10 Afghan citizens, including seven children, had been killed in the attack. These are just two examples of the hundreds of terrorist crimes committed by the US military. The appearance of the tip of an iceberg, the size of which will not be clear, at least in the short term.

Some sources say; The United States has conducted more than 93,000 air operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen over the past 20 years. According to the Brown University War Costs Project, the total number of civilians who have lost their lives in direct violence in the United States since 9/11 has risen from 364,000 to 387,000.

Anyone who wants to shine a light on this slaughterhouse will face many costs. Julian Assange is one of them. Chelsea Manning, a former US military intelligence analyst who spent seven years in a military prison is the other example. Daniel Hill, a former US Air Force analyst who exposed the deadly effects of the US drone war, is currently serving a 45-month prison sentence. Manning and Hill’s revelations showed that the killing of civilians was not a mistake, but it was a pattern of a war crime.

This year US war budget is estimated at $ 768 billion. That means about half of the US federal budget is spent on militarization. This budget reaches $ 1 trillion with incidental costs. A budget that fills the pockets of large arms companies and ensures the continued killing of civilians around the world, especially in West Asia. Democrats and Republicans disagree on many issues, but they do not disagree on increasing the military budget.

Big media in this country also have a role to play in this bloody blackmail that is going on in the name of fighting terrorism and securing the United States. Today, as spectators of this tragedy, we may not fully understand its dimensions, but this does not detract from its horror.

Terrorists kill in the name of fighting terrorism, they are proud of their murder, and no one is allowed to remember the victims of this terrorism. Even if this memory is about a nation and a man like Martyr Soleimani, it will not change anything. Instagram and Twitter deal with posts related to Martyr Soleimani are of this type and show how much freedom of expression and information is claimed in today’s world.

The chic barbarians are currently sitting in the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and its contractors enjoying a cake baked with the blood of innocents. There is a long way between their luxurious rooms and the places where the bombs fall, but it is not long before they see the shadow that they were terrified of seeing in such an animation. It will not be the shadow of General Soleimani’s revenge and hundreds of thousands of victims of their wars only, but also a humane move to stop this killing machine and save its future victims.

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