US on the verge of an internal explosion

US on the verge of an internal explosion

Political: Deciphering the signs of a historic collapse; why is the US on the verge of an internal explosion?

The United States is currently facing significant social and political challenges, prompting some analysts, such as Francis Fukuyama, to announce the country’s collapse from inside. Deciphering the signs of a historic collapse / why is the United States on the verge of an internal explosion?

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Francis Fukuyama and the prediction of US internal explosion

Francis Fukuyama’s recent article in The Economist discusses the end of American hegemony. Fukuyama specifically referred to the US internal crises, calling them the main cause of the country’s internal explosion. Fukuyama portrays the social and political collapse of the United States from the inside and even sees it as a termite attack on American power structures that has weakened the building greatly, and in the current context, it is always feared that this structure collapses.

Fukuyama seems to be referring specifically to the political and social divisions that have intensified, especially since Trump took office in 2016. Trump has turned every detail of his presidency into factional and polarized issues as if even procedures such as masking or social distancing, because of his stubbornness, have become tangible manifestations of political and social polarization.

His supporters in various parts of the United States challenged the established principles of health protocols to combat the coronavirus, and these divisions culminated, specifically during the 2020 US presidential election. Where Trump lost the election and his supporters launched an armed campaign in the streets of various American cities and even attacked and occupied the US Congress building on January 6. An event that greatly tarnished America’s reputation in the international arena. In this regard, the political and social divide in the United States continued after Trump, and even some observers and analysts report a sharp polarization of political and foreign policy trends in the United States.

US experiences high level of tension

From major US policy issues such as tax laws, budgets, and even abortion laws, to important US foreign policy issues such as the Iranian nuclear issue and US interaction with rival powers such as China and Russia, all and sundry. They are all polar in nature, with a high level of tension, as noted earlier, and controversy among American statesmen and politicians. As noted earlier, political and social divisions have risen sharply in American society.

Worst of all, the United States is currently at its worst indicators of some of its social delinquency. “In the last 12 months, more than 100,000 Americans have overdosed on drugs,” said Bernie Sanders, a prominent Democrat, and Vermont senator. And the horrific consequences of that have been lost, a record that is unprecedented in all of American history, rising just 30 percent from last year, and we are now in the midst of the serious crisis of American mortality. “We are in despair of our lives. People need our help, and the government has to respond to their request.”

US on the verge of an internal explosion
Vermont Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders reveals the tangible crisis of American deaths due to frustration (referring to the 100000 people who died of drugs side effects in the United States).


US and the pervasive internal social crises

This Bernie Sanders stance is just one of the lesser-known manifestations of American social disintegration. The United States has experienced significant inflation in its consumer goods in recent years. It is largely due to rising energy prices, especially oil. It has become such an acute crisis for Biden’s government that, in a speech, he described controlling the crisis as his government’s top priority.

All the events in the world and within the United States indicate that the United States is no longer a unique player in international equations. It is apart from the fact that emerging powers are challenging their position. The pervasive social crises are also severely damaging the country internally, leading to the emergence of the likes of Francis Fukuyama. After the collapse of the Soviet Union he announces the victory of liberalism over all the world ideologies. Now he writes an article and talks about the end of the era of liberalism and American hegemony.

It must be said that the United States is facing significant social and political challenges in the current situation, which has led some analysts, such as Francis Fukuyama, to announce the collapse of the country from inside.

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The American regime will be overthrown

Last year in a televised speech on the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Sadegh (AS), and on the eve of the presidential election between Biden and Trump, the leader of the Iran Revolution announced the destruction of the US regime. He said:

“the American regime suffers from severe political and civil degeneration and moral degeneration. It is not an analysis either; this is not what I am saying now; they say it too; these are the words of their speakers and writers and thinkers; they say that too.

Several books written in the last few years, with high circulation published in the United States, Have raised some realities. I read one of these books translated into Persian; it is full of evidence of this decline; That is to say [if] one reads that book, the beginning to the end of the book will show the decline of the American political system with the movements of the American president.

This empire will not last. It is clear that when the work of a policy and regime meets this point, it will not last very long that it will be overthrown. Of course, some will destroy it quicker if they come to work sooner. Some, if come to work later, shall postpone this fortune. But that is the truth that will happen anyway.”

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