Israel plan against Iran nuclear facilities through Baku regime territory

Israel plan against Iran nuclear facilities through Baku regime territory

Media: “Israel intends to use the Azerbaijani military market to strike at Iran nuclear facilities, and Azerbaijan has agreed to this,”

said US Congressman Eliot Engel.

Iran nuclear facilities and Israel plans

Israel has a sinister plan, which is to target the Axis of Resistance, the Shiites, from the Shiite territory. The anti-ballistic missile systems that the Israelis have brought to Azerbaijan, some of whose radars have a range of up to 1,700 km, are not to defend the Azerbaijani people from the attacks of Armenia. No, this is an illusion.

First of all, these systems did not get involved at all when the cities of Azerbaijan were attacked by missiles. Secondly, there is no need for such systems at all to deal with Armenia. It is Iran’s goal.

If a missile is fired from Iran, it should be intercepted and fired from Azerbaijan. Interestingly, these systems are located exactly near residential areas .. That is, when one of these systems is targeted, a propaganda war begins that yes, Iran targets Shiites and several children are killed and … The bloody game is becoming dangerous for Aliyev.


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