Beyond a few drones! / What are the messages of the Al-Tanf bombing to the American and Zionist occupiers?

The recent attack on the headquarters of American occupiers in the Al-Tanf region of Syria has raised a severe shock to the White House, Centcom and the Pentagon.

The recent attack on the headquarters of the American occupiers in Syria, located in the Al-Tanf region, has caused a severe shock to the White House, Centcom and the Pentagon. Many analysts believe the move comes in response to last week US-led attack to the Resistance positions in the Palmyra region. They also believe that it is a clear ultimatum to Washington to leave Syria. The Resistance attack reveals its tactical viewpoint through an explicit, immediate and decisive response to Centcom interventionist actions in the West Asian region. The silence, along with the confusion of US officials about what happened in Al-Tanf, reflects the urgent and difficult situation in which the White House finds itself in a tough and urgent position requiring the decision: “exit from the whole region.”

Where is Al-Tanf?

Al-Tanf is a US military base in southeast of Syria, located in the desert region of Homs province. It was taken over by armed terrorist groups during the Syrian conflict. The base is located 22 km west of Iraq, 22 km from the Syrian-Jordanian border, and 247 km from the Al-Waleed crossing on the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border .It is also located on the very strategic Baghdad-Damascus road. US Special Forces are in that base. As former US President Donald Trump announced in 2019, about 400 US troops will remain in Syria, half of them in “SDF” (the so called Syrian Democratic Forces) areas and the other half at Al-Tanf base. Thus, Al-Tanf is located in the border triangle of Iraq, Syria and Jordan and is therefore of geostrategic importance. This area is located on the Baghdad-Damascus highway, which is a very important and strategic route for the Resistance Front. There are many reasons why the American occupying forces are present at the Al-Tanf base.

The United States has established a base in the region since 2016, confident of the success of the Syrian army and other sides of the Resistance Front in suppressing terrorists. It has declared a 50-kilometer radius around it as No-Go zone to provide a safe margin for its forces to prevent Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus corridor functioning. However, Maj. Gen. Haji Qasim Soleimani and his entourage secured the more northern areas, including the cities of Qaem in Iraq and Bokmal in Syria, to activate the Baghdad-Damascus route.

Illegal US presence in Al-Tanf

Illegal US presence in Al-Tanf dealt a severe blow to Washington and Centcom. Even at first, the US government put a lot of pressure on Haidar al-Abadi’s government to prevent the opening of the Ghaem-Bokmal border crossing, but the next Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, officially reopened the axis, contrary to the White House tendency. Despite this, the Al-Tanf corridor remains closed. As a result and in addition to its own strategic, political and economic problems, this base was established without the permission of the official and legitimate Syrian government and is fundamentally against international law. Therefore it has encouraged the Resistance Front to increase the casualty of the occupiers. They will be forced to leave, like most of their bases in Iraq.

Messages of bombing Al-Tanf for the occupiers

More importantly, the recent drone operation was carried out simultaneously from Syria and Iraq, which sends an important message to the Americans. The message is; the geographical presence of the fully armed Resistance Axis to new drones and weapons. In other words, during the recent attack, the technical and geographical dominance of the Resistance Front has been exposed to the enemies. Another important point was that the advanced American defense could not shoot down the suicide drones, and the Americans themselves acknowledged that they had all hit their targets. The solution placed in front of the American occupying forces is to leave the region as soon as possible. This does not only include Iraq. As a result of the complete withdrawal of the occupying forces from the region, the Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus-Beirut strategic corridor will be reestablished, and the member countries of this axis will benefit from its political, economic, security and military benefits.

The era of “Hit and Run Away” has come to end

Many regional media outlets have emphasized that the Resistance Front has entered a phase of direct conflict with the United States. Any Violation against the Syrian airspace and attacks on the positions of the Resistance Front will no longer go unanswered. Beside that the largest US military base in Al-Tanf of Syria has been targeted with smart drones, which have become operational for the first time. In other words, the resistance has decided to impose the costs of the US occupation in Syria and Iraq on Washington and Tel Aviv. This is the worst possible news for the White House and its regional nuts.

America and the operation to rehabilitate Takfiri terrorism

Al-Tanf is one of the neighborhoods where Washington conducts ISIL rehabilitation operations. Al-Tanf base is the main training ground for armed groups, the focus of US influence near Syrian oil fields, and a refuge for fugitives and defectors from the Syrian army to be rehabilitated and sent back to the battlefields in favor of the United States. These groups were formerly known as Al-Jaish al-Hurr. They are currently in Al-Tanf under various headings and are supported by the American occupying forces. In analyzing the importance of a successful Resistance attack on Al-Tanf, we should consider that this base organizes the attacks against the Syrian army and its allies on Syrian soil. According to the available information and documents, the Al-Tanf base, as the main base for the launch of Israeli warplanes, has become the most important spot against Syrian army and its allies in the axis of resistance. Russian officials have also officially warned in recent weeks that Al-Tanf has become one of the US centers for the rehabilitation of ISIS terrorists. “The Americans are using the area of Al-Tanf to flee the ISIS Wanted by the Syrian army in order to rehabilitate these terrorists,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. “This area serves as a security belt to support the mentioned base.

From Al-Tanf to Ein Al-Assad

A spokesman for the Centcom terrorist organization provided new details of last night attack on the US base in Al-Tanf. Bill Arben, a spokesman for the Centcom terrorist organization, claimed in a statement that the base was exposed to a deliberate and coordinated attack, but no American was killed or injured!

Urban, however, said the United States was investigating the possibility of its allies being wounded in the attack. “According to initial reports, both drones and indirect fire were used in the attack,” he said. “We reserve the inherent right to defend ourselves and will respond to this attack at the time and place we want.” In criticizing Centcom statement, it is enough to say that the US occupying forces have avoided broadcasting any images or videos of the scene. Beyond that, according to credible information, rockets and missiles fired at the Al-Tanf base hit the occupiers’ dormitories and their gathering places. Should we reasonably accept that the incident has not resulted to heavy Casualties?

Fuel smuggling with the Syrian opposition

Another directive defined for the American occupiers is the smuggling of fuel and natural resources from Syrian territory. The United States has set up bases in several parts of Syria’s Al-Jazeera region, particularly in the country oil and gas fields, with the aim of stealing and smuggling the resources. With the support of the US- dependent Kurd militias, known as the “Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF”, Washington smuggles resources extracted from those fields to its bases in neighboring countries on a monthly basis. This action is an example of blatant theft of a country’s natural resources and its illegal sale. In July of this year, in just 24 hours, the US occupiers stole 70 oil tankers from the al-Malikiyah area on the outskirts of Hasakah of the Iraqi-Syrian border. The cargos were transferred to their bases in northern Iraq afterwards. Fuel tankers stolen from Syrian oil fields were moved through the illegal Al-Waleed crossing and transported to Iraq. In such a situation, US officials only have no right to speak out in defense of the recent attacks in Al-Tanf, but must wait for the tougher measures of the resistance until they withdraw completely from Syria, Iraq and other parts of the region

Systems that failed

One of the main reasons for the importance of the recent successful attack on the Al-Tanf base was equipping of this base with advanced defense and electronic systems. These systems, with the highest deterrent and defense capabilities, were deployed around the US occupation base. The Pentagon and Centcom never imagined the system inability against drones, missiles and rockets before the recent attack. Middle East think tank researcher Charles Lister recently tweeted that the attacks were significant and had damaged the US military base in the region. He described the attacks as “very important” because of the strategic importance and the high cost of protecting the Al-Tanf base. At the same time, she stressed that the Pentagon does not intend to provide details and information about the attack in order to prevent further tensions (against US forces)

A message to Tel Aviv and Washington

Last week, joint attacks by the occupying regime in Jerusalem and the United States on resistance forces in the Palmyra region resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of six people. The Israeli attack on Palmyra was carried out with the support of the United States and through the Al-Tanf base. Following the Palmyra attack, the Syrian Resistance Front announced in a statement that it would respond to the attacks.

Thus, the recent attack on Al-Tanf is intended to crush the designers and masterminds of the Israeli and American aggression in Syria. Accordingly, Washington and Tel Aviv no longer have a safe haven in Syria and will not have it in the future. The more the US and the occupying regime in Jerusalem insist on staying in Syria, the higher the cost of defeating them in this country and the region would be. The balance of power is now clearly in favor of the Resistance in Syria, and the lack of understanding of the issue by the enemies of the resistance will impose more irreparable costs on the United States and the occupying regime in Jerusalem.

A Roadmap that collapses

The recent operation in Al-Tanf has targeted not only US tactics in the region, but also their main strategies and Roadmaps in Syria and Iraq. The Roadmap is described in the words of former Secretary of State John Kerry and a member of the current US administration (Biden Special Adviser): “We will continue to engage strongly here (West Asia) because there are unresolved issues. Unresolved issues are not going to change overnight so that the United States or other parties that have contributed to, or want to contribute to security and peace will disappear. I do not think this will happen”.

This strategic puzzle will certainly be destroyed as the US military presence in Syria becomes more costly and attacks against them increase (as is happening in Iraq) and popular demands for the expulsion of the occupiers intensify. In that case, the big US investments, the occupying regime in Jerusalem and their regional nuts will be wasted. Although the Republicans and Democrats of the United States, like the officials of the Zionist regime, are extremely worried and terrified of this issue realization, there is no other end for them! In other words, the most rational way left in this equation for the enemies of the resistance is to end the game from this point, otherwise the continued presence of the occupiers in Syria and Iraq would be tantamount to imposing another heavy and burdensome cost on them. “This rule also applies to the Takfiri terrorists of ISIL, Jabhat al-Nusra and other Western-backed groups and the Zionist regime.”

Source: Persian text – Farsnews Agency media group

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