Jihad against Israel is Haram, declares Wahabbi Saudi Mufti Fawaz Al-Qarni

A top Wahabi Mufti of Saudi Arabia has announced that Jihad against Israel is Haram (forbidden) and declared Jihad against Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon as Wajib (mandatory).


Talking to Al Arabia TV channel , the pro-US and pro-Israel Saudi Mufti Aaez al Qarni said that Jihad (holy war) against Israel is Haram, but Jihad against Bashar Al Asad, Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon is Wajib (mandatory).
Aaez al Qarni openly backed Al Qaeda and its militants and asked them to fight against Bashar Al Assad, and pledged to provide the militants with all necesaary weapons.
The Saudi Mufti bitterly criticised Syria’s Grand Mufti for suorting Bashar al-Asad and termed him a liar.
Ignoring US and Israeli atrocities against Palestinians and Muslims of other countries, Aaez al Qarni condemned Hezbollah leader Seyed Hassan Nasrullah and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and used derogatory language against them and called them as Kafirs.
Saudi Wahabbi Muftis view those Muslims who fight against Israel as Kaafir, but describe those who do not fight against Israel and cooperate with the Jewish state as faithful Muslims.

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