Kashmiri Shia leader decries cruelty of Indian forces in Budgam

SRINAGAR, Kashmir – Kashmir Shiite leader, Aga Syed Hassan Al Moosavi Al safavi, expressed condolence with family members of Wadwan youth.

President J&K Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian and senior Hurriyat leader Aga Syed Hassan Almosvi Alsafvi condemned the destructive and brutal operations of forces on innocent people in Rathsun of Budgam.

The senior Shiite leader said, the situation is getting worse by using excess power on peaceful protests in Kashmir valley.

To foil the gathering in Rathsun Budgam, forces created atmosphere of fear and terror and injured dozens in the area.

They enter in the houses and beat residents harshly.

The leader said expression of emotions, feelings and desire peacefully, is a human and democratic right.

Kashmiri people demand the UN by these peaceful protests to resolve the Kashmir issue.

India has waged practical war against Kashmiri people in order to execute the peaceful protest.

Aga Hassan expressed condolence with the family members of martyred Wadwan youth.

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