90 Thousand pilgrims killed in Mecca over 14 years under role of accursed Al Saud dynasty  


On the anniversary of Mina catastrophe, Lebanese newspaper of al-Akhbar posted a report in which it cited a database leaked from the Saudi ministry of public health, documenting the death of over 90 thousand multinational pilgrims in Mecca in 14 years.

The Islamic duty has been done by the Muslims for 1464 years, while Al Saud has been administering it for 93 years after the kingdom’s establisher employed power to control the Holy sites, which contradicted his pledges to the Muslims.

“This pilgrimage season is distinct as it witnessed the reduction of the number of pilgrims due to the ‘savage’ expansion projects in the vicinity of the holy sites and due to Mina catastrophe which occurred in 2015.”

It is worth noting that those projects are set to serve the political interests of the Saudi at the expense of Islamic legacy and the pilgrims’ safety in Mecca.

Al-Akhbar’s report disclosed key secrets about Mina catastrophe which reveals the Saudi mismanagement and deception in holding this landmark file.

769 Iranian pilgrims were killed and 694 others were injured in Mina in 2015, which made Tehran decided to boycott the key Islamic rituals this year, while other countries that also lost hundreds of worshippers resorted to expressing anger at the catastrophe.

In April and May, 2016, Iran sent a delegation to KSA in an attempt to coordinate the measures that must be taken in Mecca in order to prevent the recurrence of catastrophes; however, the Saudi authorities rejected to guarantee the safety and security of the Iranian pilgrims.

With respect to the victims who belong to the countries, Al Saud insulted the families of the killed pilgrims by blaming them for the death of their sons, forcing them to pay the amounts of money needed to regain the corpses, and rejecting to conduct serious investigations which lead to trying the culprits.

The credible figures, unlike the announced reports, assert that Mina tragedy has killed over 7000 pilgrims, knowing that the number of the Iranian victims is not the highest among other nationalities, which raises the issue of the silence of those countries about the rights of their citizens.

The Saudi officials turned from being merely unsuccessful whose sins may be repented into real criminals who arrogantly refuse to apologize to the victims’ families to the extent that King Salman insolently congratulated the crown prince for his “success” in administering the pilgrimage season in 2015 despite Mina tragedy.

Few months before Mina catastrophe, At least 107 people died and more than 230 people were injured when a crane collapsed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

In addition, many other causes of the pilgrims’ death have been registered in the criminality record of Al Saud, including arsons, collapses and clashes.

Despite all the presented facts, Al Saud ambassador to the Arab League, Ahmad Al Qattan, said that KSA will remain the only competent organization of the pilgrimage forever.

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