Canadian Muslims opening mosque doors to public in Calgary

Some Muslims are growing more concerned about rising tensions with their fellow Canadians, and the local community in Calgary is hoping to break down the barriers by inviting the public to their place of worship.

Organizer Shima Safwat is planning an event called “Visit a Mosque”, which is a chance for all members of the public to learn about Muslim faith, culture and traditions.

She said considering some of the backlash Muslims have experienced recently in North America; it is a good opportunity to learn more about your neighbours during a day of activities.

“Trying on the hijab, henna – because people love henna. We have some delicious food from all over the Muslim world. The Muslim world is so big, we’ll have food from the Middle East, Asia, and from all over the world,” Safwat said.

The family-friendly event is planned for February 21 at the Islamic Association of North West Calgary.

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