Khawarij, Takfiri, Wahabbi Group are the soldiers of Horus

Nauzobillah!!! It would not be the first time in history that someone or group has tried to or thought of demolishing the Holy Kaaba. Abraha also came to Mecca with the same intentions and look how Allah SWT made sure that he, his army and its destruction is not just remembered but recited infinitely till the day of Judgement in the form of verses of the Holy Quraan in Surah Al Feeil.

The other thing is that this khawarij group is not IS-IS but it’s actual name is I-SIS. Isis is actually name of a pagan goddess of Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. The name “Isis” itself means “Throne”. But here is the interesting part, Isis is supposed to be mother of Horus (God of War/ Destruction and Sun). Horus in Ancient Egyptian mythology is depicted by the “ONE EYE” the “All SEEING EYE”. It is a symbol of Royal power and protection.

Looking at all of this info in a metaphysical dimension, it appears that Isis (Khawarij Group are the soldiers of Horus (Al Dajjal/ The ONE EYED; God of war and Destruction). If this logic is read in conjunction with the Hadees of Prophet Muhemmed SAWW which states “Kharjies will appear through all ages and the last of them will appear around the times of Dajjal” then the logic behind Iraq conflict becomes very clear.
We are ushering in to the times where Roman Catholicism, Christian Protestantism and Jewish Zionism have both merged together to take ONE form.

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