Kevin Barrett: US seeking to undercut true enemies of ISIS like Hezbollah

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barret, an editor with Veterans Today, in Madison, to discuss a bill recently approved by the US House of Representatives that would impose new sanctions on banks knowingly doing business with Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.
The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Q: It seems that the US obsession with Hezbollah continues. What do you put it down to in this specific case? Is it about Syria?
Barret: It is ironic that we are getting all this propaganda here in the United States that Daesh (ISIS) represents Muslims and therefore it is radical Islam and it poses a mortal threat to the whole world and to people in the United States. We are hearing Daesh being blamed for the San Bernardino false-flag massacre which was actually carried out by Craft International or related paramilitaries working with the deep state, but in fact they are not really interested in fighting Daesh. Hezbollah is on the ground fighting Daesh and having success, and apparently for that reason it is being targeted.
The United States has a two-pronged policy here. On the one hand, it holds Daesh up as a sort of enemy image to rally the people against this scary Islamic threat, supposedly Islamic, and on the other hand, they are pumping up Daesh and actually working against people like Hezbollah who are doing the brunt of the fighting against Daesh. So it is absolutely disgusting the hypocrisy that rules politics here in the United States and particularly the Zionist death grip on the political system; people like Sheldon Adelson, the biggest gangster in America, Meyer Lansky [’s grandson], a thug and gangster man who makes his living through the most debauched kinds of activities, has racked up billions and billions of dollars which he is now distributing like a gangster godfather to his political thugs where ranting and raving against Islam on the one hand, and then essentially supporting Daesh and opposing the enemies of Daesh such as Hezbollah on the other.
The hypocrisy here is just staggering and I am still waiting for the day that enough Americans wake up that we are going to have a revolution in this country as soon as they realize what is really going on.

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