Mina incident must not be forgotten: Imam Khamenei

Leader of the Islamic Republic has criticized silence of western powers claimants of human rights on Mina incident.

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a meeting of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization officials and staff on Monday, where he specifically demanded more dynamism in part of the diplomacy machinery of the country in addressing Mina incident ‘in assertive manner as possible.’

“The bitter event of Mina incident was a test for our piety; however, we should not forget the event itself and the policy of silence by the hegemonic powers of the west claimants to the human rights on this great tragedy; as to our own responsibility, the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization and country’s diplomacy should address the issue strongly,” he emphasized.

“The hosting Saudi Arabia is the first responsible body for the death of 7,000 Muslims; we expected to see a single voice of objection by the Islamic world; however, no other voice was heard than that of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and even governments whose citizens had died in the event, averted their heads to the issue,” Ayatollah Khamenei lamented. “Addressing the issue in more responsible manner was a serious demand from the diplomacy arrangement of the country to prevent in the future any similar events from happening; the face evidence shows that the lackluster performance by the host country was the most effective factor; in any condition, this is not a political issue, but the lives of thousands of Muslims while observing their Hajj rituals in the attire of ihram are at stake, which should be addressed,” he demanded.

“Those countries which stir media hype for death of even single citizen adopted a policy of silence, which would serve their ally state’s interest best; if they are honest in their claims, they should seek and demand identification of the possible perpetrators of the event and their retribution,” he emphasized.

“Any campaign to keep the issue alive is to raise the issue in international community which should target human rights organizations and western governments as if they had been accomplice in the event,” concluded the Leader.

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