MH 370 – Immediate Beneficiaries of the “Missing Plane” – Peeling Away More Layers Of The Onion.

Since my last article of the 22nd April, 2014, I have been peeling away several layers of the Onion of Disinformation sent out by the perpetrators of the “disappearance” of MH 370 but we have yet to reach the core of the Onion. It will take some time. No doubt the odds are stacked against me, but I shall persist.
War Is Big Business
Judging from past experiences, we know that all wars benefit the Military- Industrial Complex, a key component being the financial interests. The financial interests are seldom brought to the fore by virtue of the misnomer “Military-Industrial-Complex”. People tend to look only at the incestuous relationship between the military and the global corporations that rely on defence contracts for survival and dominance – Bechtel, Boeing, Lockheed- Martin, Raytheon, Thales, Halliburton, Honeywell, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Serco etc.

Retired Admiral Gene La Rocque said it well, “Military product is manufactured primarily not for the defence of the USA or of any other country but merely for profit”. When major wars are unleashed, the financial benefits are invariably global in scope. The war in Afghanistan ensures the continuance of drug monies to grease the global financial system and to scuttle the Eurasian oil and gas pipelines that would give a strategic advantage to those countries that oppose the unbridled aggression of the Zionist Anglo- American war party.
Any Western powers that intend to confront and or contain Russia and China must secure the Oil Depot that covers the entire Middle East and extends to the countries surrounding the Caspian Basin.
To subjugate and dominate, an invading army must occupy the defeated nation. There must be boots on the ground and if one needs to have boots on the ground prior and subsequent to a war of aggression, there must be an oil depot to fuel all manner of transportation.
This was also the principal reason for invading Iraq and as admitted by Paul Wolfowitz – “Let’s look at it simply. The most important difference between North Korea and Iraq is that economically, we just had no choice in Iraq. The country swims on a sea of oil” – address to delegates at an Asian security summit in Singapore in June, 2003.
False Flag Operations Are Also Big Business
Following the 9-11 false flag operation which spawned the Global War On Terror (GWOT) , the US immediately established the Department of Homeland Security and increased military spending by hundreds of US$ Billions. It has now costs US taxpayers in the US$ Trillions and counting!
Not all false flag operations are as large a scale as in the case of 9-11.
In order to reap US$ multi-trillion benefits, the false flag operations must have an impact which is either unprecedented in scope or which the status quo have no choice but to pursue certain policies.
Let me illustrate at the micro-level.
Local Security Companies
When a town or a community enjoys investment and commercial success, high standard of living and is “relatively crime free” this is a prime target for creative marketing by security companies offering a range of services to give a sense of well-being and safety to the rich folks and the growing middle-class families driving their new BMWs and Mercs and having expensive gadgets at home.
All that is needed is a few brake-ins, one or two roadside robberies to sound the alarm that the neighbourhood is no longer secure. Be assured that the majority of families would install house-alarm systems, parameters cameras and developers would employ security guards in commercial complexes etc. There would be huge increase in the sales on hand-guns and related self-defenceequipments.
You get the drift.
The 9-11 false flag operation has given rise to a global business estimated to be worth at the minimum US$10 Trillion and counting. In the first year, post 9-11 the US alone spent some US$650 Billion according to some estimates.
Financial Benefits of MH 370
To understand the cost-effectiveness of the consequences of MH 370 to the global security business from the intelligence operations angle, one must understand the nature of all future wars.
An essential feature of all future wars is the ability to impose full spectrum dominance of space. When a country and or its intelligence agencies have full dominance of space, it will inevitably have command over air-space, the later have always been a critical factor in any war and for which the US and Russia are evenly balanced with the US having a slight edge. China is an up and coming military power for dominance in space though it lacks an air force that can challenge the US.
Please Google and research the following documents issued by the US Military:
1) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Vision 2010 – America’s Military: Preparing for Tomorrow;
2) Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Vision 2020 – America’s Military: Preparing for Tomorrow;
3) Joint Publication 3-12 Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations;
4) Joint Publication 3-53 Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations;
5) The Unified Command Plan;
6) The National Intelligence Strategy of the United States of America: Transformation Through Integration and Innovation (and all subsequent revisions);
7) Cyber Domain, Security & Operations – Cyber Command; and
  US Space Command Vision for 2020
The US Space Command aims for the dominance of space by integrating space forces into war fighting capabilities across the full spectrum of conflict. Vision for 2020 “serves as a bridge in the evolution of military space into the 21st century and is the standard by which US Space Command and its components will measure progress in its future.” The above documents are referred extensively in Volume 2 of the Future Fast-Forward Trilogy.
Be that as it may, the race is on!
To summarise and to keep this article within a suitable length, let me state here categorically, that the “disappearance” of MH 370 has afforded the global powers that are hell bent on unleashing the next global war a golden opportunity beyond their wildest dreams!

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