The Universal Corruption of the New World Order of Lucifer (Satan) [Anti-Christ or Dajjal] is soon coming to an end

Department of Islamic History
Islamic Research Foundation
Mashhad, IRAN

Milton Friedman, the economist of University of Chicago, the mastermind of the deregulation of markets and also famous as the real founder of modern liberal capitalist economic system called as the Chicago School and the University of California at Berkley known as Berkeley Mafia funded by the mega bankers publicized the deregulation of markets since 1970s. As per Chicago School and Berkeley Mafia economist theories citizens should be traumatized to accept every measure of the central bankers. In the liberal democracy economic system, the natural resources, land, labor and human relationships are gradually stripped of their “intrinsic” value and turned into commodities in a market which dictates their exchange value.

Naomi Klein, author of “No logo” and “The Shock Doctrine” proves that Milton Friedman who was also economic advisor for Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and George Bush has described in his book “Capitalism and Freedom” how the mad lunatic persons are cured by electric shocks and in this same way the nations should be subjugated by economic shocks and turmoil to accept the deregulation of the markets and economies in their countries so that the super rich elite owners of mega central banks and multi national companies can legally loot the wealth and resources of the world.
Russia during Yeltsin, Poland under Lech Walesa, Chile under Pinochet, China after Tiananmen Square event in 1989 were forced to accept the deregulation of market as proposed by Milton Friedman of Chicago School of mass corruption by mega-banks and the Multi National Companies.
Deregulation measures started in 1980 in USA and Euro zone countries allowed the financial institutions and banks in these countries to make money out of nothing and these defaulting bankrupt mega banks are bail out by the government by imposing strict and very harsh austerity measures and high taxes by the government of these countries.
Oil tanker compartment like regulations on markets which were in force in USA and Euro zone before the start of deregulation of the economy and markets in 1980s were taken away and since then the markets and economic system started sinking and melting down but in favor of the super rich elite owners of mega central banks and multi national companies.
Too Big to Fail Central Banks and big banking gangs (banksters) have created Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction (FWMD) with derivatives gambling on every thing and increased the figure of fraudulent derivates to 750 trillion dollars. The Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction (FWMD) created in the form of derivatives will ultimately result into world war because they have turned the world into a global derivative casino. By 1988, there were no derivatives market in the world but by 2002, 102 trillion dollars of derivatives market was created which have now ballooned to 750 trillion dollars that is eighteen times of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entire world.
After 2008 meltdown only the super-rich owners of the Too Big to Fail Central Banks and big banking gangs (banksters) have become richer. US dollar as world reserve currency enables the US Federal Reserve to export the inflation of the fiat US dollar world wide.
USA trapped and subjugated in debts
US Accountability Office declared that only in 2012 the US government wasted 95 billion dollars. Work safety conditions in US industries is 270 times more likely to due than a terrorist attack but the US homeland security budget to combat terrorism in 2012 was 47 billion US dollars while industrial safety budget in USA in 2012 was a mere 588 million US dollars. In USA, the education, environment protection, scientific research spending is cut every year but the defense budget is increased every year.
In 2014, 43 per cent of US citizens cannot afford to go to a doctor. 50 per cent of all the Americans have more credit card debt than savings. 25 per cent of the US population is on verge of loosing their houses. 50 per cent of the US population is under food crisis. The total national debt of USA since 2008 have increased from 59 trillion US dollars to 75 trillion dollars. Today 2 out of 5 students in USA do not pass from high school.
50 per cent of the US population has zero wealth with their assets surpassed by debt. Americans live in matrix of total lies. More than a third of the US is in trouble when it comes to paying debts on time; 35 percent of Americans have debt in collections, according to a recent study out from the Urban Institute, which analyzed the credit files of 7 million Americans.
Southern states especially stand out with the highest concentration of people delinquent. In 13 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico and West Virginia — and Washington, D.C., more than 40 percent of the population with a credit file has debt in collections. Nevada, one of the states hardest hit by the housing crisis and recession, has the highest share, at 46.9 percent.
The 77 million Americans with debt in collections owe an average of $5,200. That includes debt from credit card bills, child support, medical bills, utility bills, parking tickets or membership fees.
The share of delinquent households is “pretty disheartening,” says Josh Bivens, research and policy director at the Economic Policy Institute. He calls the data a “powerful” reminder of the fact that many Americans are still battling for economic stability since economic meltdown in 2008.
Among Americans with credit history, the average total debt load is nearly $54,000. But that number is significantly skewed once you factor in debt from mortgages. Americans with a mortgage have an average overall debt of about $209,000 compared with about $11,600 for those without a mortgage.
Half of the world population today is living on 2.50 US dollars income per day. One-fourth of the world children under age five years are facing severe malnutrition.
The Multi National Companies are pillaging and despoiling world
Multi National Companies (MNC) after start of economic meltdown in USA in 2008 instead of investing in USA increased outsourcing entirely and slowed the industrial growth and increased unemployment in USA. US based MNCs do not look after US national interests but only seek their maximum profits. Gay parades and gays rights in Americas and Europe are owned and supported by MNCs. US industrial infrastructure is now lying in ruins because the Multi National Companies have outsourced their industries based in USA to China , India and South East Asian countries for their very cheap labor. China has emerged as world’s number one factory. Outsourcing only for cheap labor has brought chaos, destitution and poverty to their own people. The Multi National Companies are pillaging and despoiling world backed by their 900 overseas bases in 130 countries. Money accumulation is never satisfied and is inherently corrupt and wasteful. Only four top companies in USA control 147 other companies in the world.
Corporations, industries, government and the global mass media are under the control of the big banking gangs (banksters). Virtual economy of banksters contradicts Real economy. Council of Foreign Relations , Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, Cato Institute , American Enterprise Institute’s Project for a New American Century are some of the institutions founded and controlled by the big banking gangs (banksters) to obtain their goals and objectives to rule over the world.
Ideological transition in modern liberal capitalism since 1980s is to form cartels and monopoly and to avoid competition and today the modern liberal capitalists are calling competition in the markets as an unpardonable financial major sin.
After the implementation of the deregulation of markets in USA and EURO zone countries in last 20 years profits of mega corporations have quadrupled while taxes imposed on their employees and middle class doubled during this period. 69 per cent of US corporations have been exempted from paying any taxes.
More than 60 per cent of the rich elites in USA have transferred their cash to the offshore banks. They hold their 90 per cent of their money in bonds, cash, personnel business account, stock market and real estate.

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